Young people achieve the first places in the elections for the Central Committee of the Democratic Liberation Party

Young people achieve the first places in the elections for the Central Committee of the Democratic Liberation Party

Today, the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) published the results of its elections for the Central Committee, in which a number of former officials from the former government of Danilo Medina led the vote to determine 110 new positions for the political party.

With th 74.54% of the vote was countedVote It was dominated by the former Economy Minister, Juan Ariel Jimenez, by 9,270 votes For his benefit the second place went to Johnny Pujols (he is also a member of the organizing committee); Former Youth Minister Rubyami Balkasser, with 8,064 votes in third place, and fourth place occupied by former Senator candidate for the National Constituency Raphael Paz with 7,493 votes.

At number 20 is the former Minister of Public Health, Rafael Sanchez Cardenas, with a majority of 4,024 votes.; Former Director of the National Health Services (SNS), Rosa Chubani, is 24th with 3,819 votes, while former Minister of Public Works and Communications, Ramon Pippin, is 29th with 3,596 votes.

Among the youngsters to join the Central Committee is the former Director of Communications in the Presidency of the Republic, Roberto Rodriguez Marchena, who ranked 72 with 2,047 votes.

Official results will be at 4 pm

The National Elections Commission called for a press conference at 4 pm on Monday, when the official results of the conference will be announced.

“Yes, we will be ready by four o’clock. I think the technological facilities provided to us by the Central Electoral Council (JCE) He allowed the party, first of all, to organize a process that was transparent, democratic and above all flexible. “Just an hour after yesterday, the results of the vote were announced,” said former official party spokesman Hector Olivo.

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Olivo noted that from that point onwards, the deadline for contesting the results begins, which will last until February 17.

‘Successful operation’

Political committee member Melanio Paredes, like Olivo, described the vote as a “great success” due to The speed with which the results were released and the “right to democracy is guaranteed”..

“This process was a huge victory for the party because we brought them together in 30 days. It was successful, and about 40% of the summons participated,” added the former Minister of Education.
José Dantes Diaz expressed himself the same, adding that it was a process with “very few complaints and very high participation”.

The party is going through a major transformation, as of the 300 seats, there were about 200 young people who turned out. I think there is clearly an urgent need to renew itself in order for the state to see in the DTP as a party that deals with youth complaints as theirs, ”said Dantes.


However, via social networks, many PLD leaders expressed their dissatisfaction with the process, Claiming that the former president corrupted the city.

“Starting today, they have to change the name of the PLD and start naming it: Danilo’s Force, Danilo’s Shield, What Danilo Says, Danilo CxA or Danilo El Colmado,” former deputy and Central Committee member, José Laluz commented on his Twitter account.

The last to complain about that social network is former MP Aridio Vazquez who is also – He retreated from his aspiration to join the political committee and demanded his exclusion from the Central Committee Although he emphasized that this “does not mean that he has left the party.”

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The Central Committee elections were held yesterday, where 973 candidates competed for 300 available seats, including 110 at the national level and 190 at the local level.

In these elections, an automated voting system for the Central Electoral Council was used.

What next?

Milanio Paredes reported that it will be in the first week of March when the thirty-five members of the Political Committee will be chosen or ratified and the Secretary General and the Party President will be elected.

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