Trump past jubilant supporters at an impromptu rally in Florida

Trump past jubilant supporters at an impromptu rally in Florida

After days of unusually low profile, former President Trump is making a comeback to slowly lead past a crowd of hard-core supporters in West Palm Beach, Florida on Monday.

The video of the rally, which coincided with the President’s Day holiday, was captured by the conservative right-wing radio network, and showed a wildly unconvincing crowd of supporters waving flags and Trump banners exploding with chants of “USA! USA!” The convoy of the former president also passed. A woman can be heard saying, “Everyone knows you won!”

Others chanted, “We love Trump!”

Trump supporters salute the former president’s motorcade at a rally in West Palm Beach, Florida

“We love our president,” said a man named Samir, identified on the TV broadcast as one of the event’s organizers, in an interview. “It means a lot to us to get out here and support the man who should really be in the White House.”

The President remains popular with his national base and in Florida, having redeployed, at least for now, to He lives in his club, Mar-a-Lago In Palm Beach.

Not everyone welcomed the president’s return. A woman arranged to raise two important signs above the house recently, reading one of them,Trump condemned and detained him. “

The former president was forced to Demolition of his airstrip in the club, Amidst the broader Palm Beach-town legal review of whether Trump can use Mar-a-Lago, which was developed as a non-residential facility, as his main residence.

When or if he made a major appearance again on the national stage, it is unclear how his fellow Republicans will receive him.

The Allies warned him not to try another round of the White House in 2024, and others went further and denounced him.

On Sunday, the conservative editorial board of Wall Street Journal The Republican Party has warned against abandoning its former banner holder.

“Mr. Trump may run again, but he will not win another national election,” They wrote an opinion piece. They added, “The country is getting past Trump’s presidency, and the Republican Party will remain in the wild until it does as well.”

However, polls indicate that he is still the most popular figure in the Republican Party.

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