YouTubers attack and aim their arrows at Yajaira

YouTubers attack and aim their arrows at Yajaira

Creators made Yajaira look like the 'bad guy' after dancing was banned in Plaza Libertad. She asked to stop the defamation.

by J. Barrera
March 22, 2024 – 17:07

In a video clip recently posted on the “La YouTube Salvadoreña” account, Yajira She regretted that many people on social media were complaining against her and her colleagues.

“They put up very ugly things. We have no right to stand up. I'm old and I won't look down on another woman like me or if I see someone older than me. “It's to appreciate the elders, not to offend anyone.”said the famous dancer.

Among the people that Yajaira refers to are some YouTube users, who in recent days have devoted themselves to posting videos that strongly criticize her and make her look like “the bad guy in the story”, after the ban on evening parties in the country. Freedom Park.

To attack the 76-year-old dancer, a number of them used pictures of the interview conducted by the “Salvadoran YouTube” website with the “Dancer of the People,” which was conducted without any bad intent.

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Using some parts of this audio and video, some content creators distorted the information, claiming that Yajaira stated “children should not go to Libertad Park,” when in fact what she was referring to was that minors should not go to Libertad Park . Dancing with groups, they face many risks, including getting hurt.

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In the original video, Yajaira refers to an order issued by the authorities some time ago, stating that minors are not allowed to dance in the aforementioned square.

“No bowling and no underage children,” it said. Because this is not for kids. Three years ago we had a problem: a woman hit a girl, and the woman (the mother) got upset and told us she was going to die.” Yagira says in the interview. “Kids (just have to) watch; “It’s OK for them to dance in their little piece, but not within (dance groups) because that’s too big.”he added.

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Users and content creators have spoken out about the attacks launched by some YouTubers against Yajaira across social networks.

“What is wrong with these YouTubers? Or do they not have the analytical ability to process information or are they malicious? They do it out of malice and to attract attention. We go to the people who believe them and start insulting Yajira.”commented a YouTuber from Libertad Park, who preferred to remain anonymous.

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