Yuli Courier sent Johnson a replay – complete swing

Yuli Courier sent Johnson a replay – complete swing

October 2, 2021

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The Houston Astros have already beaten West Pennant in the American League, but have two goals for the 2021 season, which have almost closed the curtains. At the joint level, make sure the series starts at home against the white socks. One own win or one white socks loss is enough.

From a personal point of view, the main lead a player chases on his list is the champion bat of the league. Yuli Curiel And Michael Brandley in dispute with Vladimir Guerrero Jr.

Curiel has maintained the vast chances of hitting the card in every game and taking the title. On Saturday night, October 2, he scored for the 5th game in a row. Spirits native starter Paul Blackburn (Oakland Athletics) hit the 90m Singer off and sent it through the center left at 39.7 feet at 100.7 MPH.

Initially, the hit was considered to have doubled as it hit the balcony grid in that part of the stadium. However, Astros manager Dusty Baker told the play and the referees reconsidered it. After receiving the verdict they ordered Homer and completed the flow of courier sites.

Thus Yuli achieved 15 home runs and 20 RBI in 2021. He reached his 3rd year with at least 15 home runs and his 3rd year with 80 RBIs. In season 2 he combined the two figures, the previous one being 2019. On average, he is 317 ahead of Michael Brandley (312) and Vladimir Jr. (311) at the close of this record.

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We will enjoy success.

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