Zinedine Zidane’s new duo Nacho and Militavo

Zinedine Zidane’s new duo Nacho and Militavo

Madrid – Real Madrid invented a nerve. Champions think and appreciate MBappé Already Neymar. But still Zinedine Zidane He explored and discovered his own twins. He unexpectedly finds another partner: Nacho Y Militov, The heroes of a new night of European conquest, this time at Anfield, which allowed Real Madrid to stop in the semi-finals of the tournament and dream of a fourteenth title.

Madrid signed a serious game. With Nacho and Militavo’s huge body scene, watch Mane, Salah and Firmino cross their entire arsenal, observing and lowering. That defensive festival, crowned by the protection of the Courtois, is pending throughout the tie.

Maximum concentration. Ambition and personality were the arguments for a solid Madrid, with the help of Casimiro, who again made his team enormous in the eighteenth moment of reality.

The plain anfield is also interesting to look at. For Francisco Umbrella, it’s like dancing without music. It’s a shame to see The File’s positions without spectators and without football as an argument to be a little happier in life.

Jர்கrgen Globe Tried to explode the right side. Get the oil for a while. Zidane put Wolverine there, and Mane was immediately executed. The initial siege of Liverpool lasted ten minutes, which was met with a massive courtesy call. Cordois drowned out Salah and Milner’s determination, by two wonderful deeds. Valverde was reclaiming the site until he met him in solitude in an unusual place.

The eyes were all there Vinicius. Their stunning game in the first leg impressed the Globe. He was not surprised, it was weird, but he was impressed – he reiterated this week – by finally showing off his talent in a tournament of European descent. Today Vinicius is neither surprised nor impressed. He signed on a less important night.

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Real Madrid have left a champion scent at Anfield. Especially to clarify it without Sergio Ramos And come on, Madrid has life. Drinkable quality of life. The defeat to Chelsea in the semi-finals is credible, it does what it can in the Premier League, twenty points behind leader Manchester City.

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