Zurdo Ramírez, Dmitry Bivol’s forced challenge

Zurdo Ramírez, Dmitry Bivol’s forced challenge

Ontario, California. /

Gilberto “Lefty” Ramirez Passed on CaliforniaBecause in four chapters he gave an account of Germany Dominic PoselWho is unopposed in the short battle.

With his victory, since it was a qualifying fight, The Sinalova is a boxer Acquired the right to be a compelling challenge of World Boxing Association (WBA) Light Heavyweight Champion Dmitry Bivol.

He has no rival

The Mexican boxer never gave up a bit of fighting in the games, and he dominated from the first round to the German, the truth is, he showed nothing, not even courage, during the trial. Ontario.

Ramirez The fourth round ended in 1:33 minutes and the referee stopped the action.

In fact, the corner of Germany had already threatened his student to stop fighting because he had practically not put his hands up, but a third on the surface was in front of them.

“I feel so good about my acting, like I said, I’m going to do a show for everyone here. Angels. I worked very hard for this and I get to this point and no one is going to snatch it from me, ”said Gilberto, who improved his record. 44-0 (30 KOs). He just gave the sentence that he was going now Dmitry Bivol.

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