Penalties apply for negligent acts at the Havana › Cuba › Granma bus station

Penalties apply for negligent acts at the Havana › Cuba › Granma bus station

With the application of nine disciplinary measures, consistent with the seriousness of the facts, to each of those directly involved, as well as to the employers who were supposed to prevent the violation of what was created, the Department of Transportation responded on Saturday. On their Facebook page Regarding the complaint published on May 11 on the same social network of the citizen Rosa Maria Rodríguez Bobo, about the irregularities and indiscipline that occurred in the Havana Holguin flight of her sister Diana Bobo scheduled for that day, at 11:20 pm, from a bus stop of the capital.

Immediately, Mitrans reported, a commission was created and an investigation began into the companies Ómnibus Nacionales and Viajero, both of whom were involved in the events, as well as communication with the plaintiff and her sister.

They noted that “as a result, it was possible to verify the correctness of a set of complications and violations of established procedures, in the reckless actions of workers belonging to the two organizations, both in Havana and in the province of Holguín”.

The measures applied include five final separations from the entity, a final change of job, a temporary change of different working conditions, and two reprimands in front of groups of workers.

“In addition, a critical analysis was carried out in both boards of directors, which led to the adoption of regulatory and other control measures that prevent these events from occurring, in the same way that the analysis is generalized to the rest of the stations and ticket agencies in the country,” adds Mitrans’s note.

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“The results of the investigation and the measures applied were shared with the plaintiff and her sister, expressing the same satisfaction with the speed, depth of analysis, and that the facts did not go unpunished and had consequences for those responsible.”

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