Barkley: LeBron ‘not coming to the Sixers’

Charles Barkley says LeBron James will not be signing with the 76ers as a free agent this summer.

In the daily drama that surrounds LeBron James’ landing spot for the 2018-19 season, the Philadelphia 76ers are mentioned by many as a possible destination for the Cleveland Cavaliers superstar.

How the 33-year-old James would fit in Philly with a ball-dominant point guard in Ben Simmons and a versatile big man in Joel Embiid, is a subject of much debate, however.

There’s not much debate, though, from Charles Barkley. The 76ers legend, one of the four men who make up the best postgame show in the sport, TNT’s “Inside the NBA,” flat out says James won’t be wearing Sixers red, white and blue next season.

Appearing on The Mike Missanelli Show in Philadelphia, Barkey began broaching the subject by saying he is not “gonna let this dude hijack my life,” then went on to make the case while James heading to Philadelphia won’t come to fruition.

“He’s not coming to the Sixers,” Barkley said. “He’s not coming to the Sixers because he needs the ball, Simmons needs the ball and Embiid needs the ball. That would make Simmons useless.

“He’s not going to give the ball up at this stage of his career,” Barkley continued. “He’s not a great shooter, so you can’t play him off the ball. I guarantee you [defenders] would let him shoot threes all night. Guys would love him to shoot threes. … It would hurt Embiid and Simmons going forward.”

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  1. I tend to agree with Barkley TBH, I cant see him fitting in in Philly. Especially in Ben Simmons case, if he is not handling the ball and dishing up assists, I don’t see how he fits next to LeBron. He becomes ineffective. It the same reason why any Westbrook rumours to the Cavs are BS. RW needs the ball, cant have LeBron next to another ball dominant player either, so that rules out Houston also. Honestly its Cleveland or the Lakers for LeBron IMO.

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