Barnes: Warriors not vulnerable, it’s just December

Klay Thompson and the two-time defending champion Warriors are in first place in the Western Conference.

Are the Golden State Warriors looking more vulnerable than usual? Some might say yes. Former NBA forward Matt Barnes says no.

During an appearance on the FOX Sports program UNDISPUTED, Barnes was asked, “What’s wrong with the Warriors?”

His answer was simple: Nothin’.

“It’s December,” Barnes said, explaining his reasoning that they’ll be fine.

OK, so the Warriors are fine. But are they more vulnerable?

“One thing I will say is their bench is not as strong as it was in the previous years,” Barnes said. “I know from a leadership standpoint they miss (retired forward) David West a lot. From an energy standout they miss JaVale McGee a lot.

“But Shawn (Livingston) and (Andre Iguodala) are going to show their value in March and April. It doesn’t matter in December and January.”

Watch Barnes’ full nine-minute take on the two-time defending champion Warriors in the video below.