Ex-Bulls player on Boylen: ‘He’s stuck in one way when the league has changed’

Bulls coach Jim Boylen is under fire from his players.

The Chicago Bulls are reportedly a mess after the promotion of Jim Boylen to head coach last week, with players nearly boycotting practice Sunday before coming to an agreement with the coaching staff.

And one former member of the team, who played with the organization when Boylen was an assistant, told Amico Hoops he isn’t surprised.

“He’s pretty old school and rigid,” the player said. “Not really a players’ coach… couldn’t really communicate with guys, especially younger guys.”

After his first game at the helm Boylen called out his players and said they needed to be “tougher.” The Bulls then suffered a franchise-worst 56-point loss to the Boston Celtics.

“He’s stuck in one way when the league has changed,” the former player told Amico Hoops. “As far as the organization itself, I think everyone knows the house cleaning is coming sooner than later, but it should’ve happened a while ago.”

The Bulls (6-22) lost to the visiting Sacramento Kings 108-89 on Monday.

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