Your Ball: Should Cavs make deal for Jordan?

It’s been said that Los Angeles Clippers center DeAndre Jordan is available. It’s been said that the Cleveland Cavaliers have an interest.

It’s also been said that, so far, that’s as far as any of it has gone.

Once the news came out that Jordan could be available, fans of every team pulled out their favorite trade machine. Fans of the Cavs seemed to do so more than most — as Jordan is a 6-foot-11 protector of the basket, elite rebounder, and sky-walking finisher.

On the downside, he can’t make free throws. Like, at all.

Nor is he much of a defender on the perimeter, an important skill considering how often the Cavs’ big men switch out onto guards.

There have also been questions, though no confirmations, about Jordan’s overall desire. He is big and athletic, and according to some, that is good enough. Size and athleticism make it so he doesn’t really need to work on his game. So he supposedly doesn’t.

Still, most fans would take Jordan over, say, Tristan Thompson.

Thompson was once a fan favorite, but has been on the outs after a season of injuries and inconsistency. The Cavs would not mind moving on. A trade of Thompson and guard Iman Shumpert for Jordan would work, salary-wise.

Word is, though, the Clippers may want a pick. The Cavs likely would not surrender the Brooklyn pick received in a trade with Boston. But they might be willing to part with their own first-rounder, which will most certainly fall somewhere in the 20’s.

So what would you do? If you’re the Cavs, would you go after Jordan? If you’re the Clippers, what could you reasonably expect in return?

Let us know in the comments section below. We read every last word and even respond to some.

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  1. Game 7, 119-121 DeAndre Jordan 2 free throws with 5 seconds left…

  2. Most of us would probably ship TT, JR Smith and the Cavs’ 1st rounder for DeAndre Jordan. Warriors owned the Cavs in the paint last year in the Finals. Zsa Zsa threw Tristan around like a rag-doll. Javale played big, too. DJ would give them a strong presence at the rim. At this point, I think Shump may have more value than JR. You never know which JR, if any, is going to show up. But he seems to have vanished as a shot-taker. He just seems kind of out of it in general.

    • Could not possibly agree more on your take on JR. He’s just sort of running up and down the floor anymore. And yes, Tristan was totally ineffective against Pachulia. I bet Jordan would be much better.

  3. Sure, I make that deal. Takes two rotation guys out and puts one back in. Increases rim protection 10 fold. I know, the question will be is Jordan the missing link to beating GS. I say it doesn’t matter, he won’t be in the game at crunch time anyway, nor would Thompson and shumpert.

    Would be mighty intriguing to see a lineup of LeBron, Wade, IT, Jordan and Korver for 10 or so minutes a game.

    • Good stuff Alan. I’d agree with you. Appreciate you sharing your thoughts. Quite honestly, I think Jordan is an improvement over Thompson in almost every area.

    • I totally agree, every area besides I know this is crazy but free throw shooting and maybe rotating out onto smaller guards

  4. I think TT and Shump plus Cavs own pick is fair for Jordan, the only problem is that if the Cavs did that they wouldn’t be able to move the Nets pick if someone like PG13 were to become available

    • Excellent point, Dave. I like the idea of holding on to both picks. Maybe offer the Clips a couple second-rounders (instead of a first) in that same deal.

      • Agreed Sam, I don’t think the Cavs need to be giving up either first round pick unless its a necessity.

  5. its a no brainer. neither jordan or tt will be on the floor late in games anyway, so the freethrow argument doesnt count.
    jordan is a defensive beast – 15 rebounds, almost 2 blocks constantly. having him on the floor helps the teams overall defensive tremendously plus his perimeter defense is underrated: just watch clips of him guarding curry when switched on

    • OK! I will check that out. It doesn’t really matter how he defends the perimeter against anyone else, quite frankly. If he does it well against the Warriors, that’s really all that matters. 🙂

  6. On the surface, a trade of Tristan Thompson and either of Shumpert or JR for the Cavs first round draft pick is probably a win.. Reduces the luxury tax payments and you get one of the best players in the league that does not have to score to be highly effective which is critical because IT is going to need give or take 15 shots per game. The other thing to consider is if they do include their own It 1st round pick, They will not be able to trade the Brooklyn pick prior to the trade deadline unless they are able to find a way to get another so Unless they could swing and additional deal to get another 1st, This could be an all in move for the season.

    • Great stuff, especially the point about the draft pick. I’m not so sure they could get Jordan and another star, such as Paul George, anyway. It may have to be one or the other. But with an aging team such as the Cavs, picks are indeed a valuable commodity. Thanks for commenting!

  7. Would rather try and get someone like Dewayne Dedmon. Much lower cost and would have him for a couple of years. Can make a three and would rather see a center like that instead. Would not clog the middle.

    • That’s actually a great thought. As we’ve seen with the Cavs (and Warriors and Spurs), it helps to have stars, but stars are nothing compared to players fitting next to stars (see, OKC Thunder). Dedmon would indeed come at a lower cost. Wonder if Khloe likes Atlanta?

      • Sam, there is also the cut price version of DJ in Nerlens Noel that would be the smart move for the Cavs. DJ and Noel are essentially the same player, their career stats are very similar, NN is a far better free throw shooter too, one is just the younger version except one is worth six times more than the other. That’s the smart move Altman should make, or a move like Dedmon as PJ suggested. Werent we subjected to rumours about LBJ and NN teaming up elsewhere just recently? Why cant it be in Cleveland at the expense of TT and his horrible contract?

  8. Michael Liba | December 21, 2017 at 3:22 pm |

    Too many good players in the draft that help the cavs get more talented and younger. I would find a way to trade Thompson and shumpert. Shumpert inconsistent and Thompson doesn’t seem as hungry as he did back in 16.. any other options? What about Gobert in Utah ?

    • I think the Jazz are pretty committed to Gobert. He would actually be tougher to get than Jordan — who the Clippers are hopeful of trading. So that would drive up the cost. But I’m right there with your thoughts on Tristan and Shump.

  9. Jordan would give Cavs an Elite rebounder which would be good in a series vs Golden State, Cavs tend to play TT on Green and Love on Zaza, with Jordan ,green would have to fight for his boards and would not be able to dominate the post . Also The Cavs could easily rest LeBron down the stretch and have IT,DJ and Love play which still looks like a heck of a elite lineup

    • Very true on that lineup. Last year at this time, I don’t know that I’d trade Thompson in a deal for Jordan. Now, I almost consider it a no-brainer.

  10. Two obvious questions the Cavs have to ask themselves when evaluating any moves this year:
    1) Does it help them beat the Warriors?
    2) Does it make LeBron happy?

    Jordan would definitely give the Cavs a better inside presence to deal with Pachulia and McGee and better defensive rebounding (a lot better than they got from Thompson in last year’s Finals). But I do worry that he wouldn’t be able to switch as easily onto guards on the perimeter which would seem to be a must against the Warriors.

    LeBron made a comment last week when Thompson came back from injury that Tristan would be a big part of the Cavs going forward. It could have just been lip service, but it seemed like he emphasized this point more than he normally does, possibly because of trade rumors.

    One minor point to consider is that Thompson has pretty much owned Al Horford in the playoffs over the last 3 seasons. That could come into play in a potential Eastern conference finals against the Celtics, but I personally don’t think the Celtics will get that far.

    I’d be happy to make this trade for Thompson and Shumpert. Giving up this year’s first round pick would make me nervous because then they wouldn’t be able to use the Brooklyn pick in a future trade. However, it’s possible (maybe even likely) that everyone in the Cavs’ organization knows that Gilbert has refused to trade the Brooklyn pick unless LeBron commits. The Cavs might miss Shumpert in spot minutes to guard Curry, but hopefully between LeBron, Jeff Green, Crowder, JR, and Osman, they will have enough bodies to guard Curry and Durant.

  11. Well Sam – Is Deandre better the Boogie??? That is my question?? And is Boogie available??? if you think Boogie is better and available i would throw TT and JR and/or Shump with a pick or two for him. If Jordan is better give me Jordan. I would not give up the Brooklyn pick unless im getting supreme talent that guarantees we beat the warriors this season. Who is the supreme talent thats for Koby to decide but it would not be Paul George for me. I would much rather have someone who is locked up for many years that could take over for Lebron whenever he decides not to put that jersey on anymore. What do you think Boogie will be available???

  12. They should trade for him, two years ago when the cavs lost Kevin love and kyrie in the finals, they stayed in it By pounding the glass playing physical and slowing the game down for the warriors. All things Jordan can bring to this team, remember you don’t beat the warriors by playing their game it’s almost impossible to do, something the cavs learned in last year finals

  13. Interesting Article.

    Personally i don’t think the CAVS will make a move until IT is fully back. Until the CAVS are close to full strength and rotations set it’s hard to gauge what we do and don’t need. It’s purely speculation at this point. Get the feeling the CAVS want to give TT time to turn his season around too before they put him on the block.

    No trade will happen without LBJ’s blessing so it would have to be a decent return for him to let TT, Shump or JR go.

    Lets not forget that both DJ and PG13 are potentially just rentals so i doubt the CAVS will want to give up too much. Even if we are in Win now mode.

    Will be interesting to see how it plays out.

    Keep up the good work Sam and Team.

  14. Realistically, no way i take Shump if I’m Doc. I think it would take TT, Rose and Crowder…maybe Cavs pick. Crowder is expendable if we get Jordan with Love moving back to 4. I would do that in a heartbeat. Jordan have had big rebounding games against Warriors.

  15. HELL YES… get Thompson out of here ASAP. Did anyone even watch the Finals when Thompson was a no-show? Did anyone watch the Olympics where Deandre Jordan carried the team because Cousins couldn’t stay on the court? Trading for Jordan is a no brainer. Only an imbecile with zero basketball knowledge would disagree. Thompson needs to GO. Ship the Kardashian Kurse off to LA where the circus belongs.

  16. Brett A Bland | December 21, 2017 at 8:11 pm |

    You can get rid of two bad contracts and get a real center. No brainer. I am convinced Cavs are keeping the Brooklyn pick. Good year for drafting.

  17. If the Cavs are not going to make a run at a Boogie or PG-13, then yes DeAndre is a massive upgrade over TT. Shump, TT, possibly Cavs first but nothing more. Maybe Deandre sits some or most of 4th, maybe love sits most of 4th, but still an upgrade

  18. Sam, the one thing that people are over looking is a trade for DJ leaves the Cavs with a massive, massive salary cap problem. The consensus seems to be a trade of TT and Schump for DJ, assuming this trade goes ahead, it leaves the Cavs with 8 guaranteed contracts for next season sitting at around $115 million, with no money to pay IT, who will likely expect a big upgrade over this years $ 6 mil he got paid and Jeff Green, D Rose, C Frye, D Wade, Jose all out of contract. A trade for DJ only works if he is a half season rental to get the Cavs another title and then he opts to be a free agent giving Cleveland salary cap relief with all the combined out of contract players on the roster.

  19. I understand we’re taking about DJ here. But why? Why not do everything to get Marc Gasol. He plays like a monster vs Golden State. Skilled big men are their weakness. You don’t want another liability on the court. Grant it if it was TT going for Jordan I’d do it. He’s never been the same since involving himself with the Kardashians. No one ever is.
    The Cavs need another perimeter defender that can score. Like an Otto Porter or a Avery Bradley. I know they’re unattainable but that’s what they need

  20. Clippers receive: Tristian Thompson, Iman Shumpert, Cedi Osman, Brooklyn pick

    Cavs receive: DeAndre Jordan and Lou Williams

    Who says no?

  21. I dont like the idea.
    1) What does DJ do to your ability to sign IT to his range if he shows what we are all hoping. DJ inevitably opts in. You just structured your top 3 salaries next year to LeBrons super max, KLove, and DJ. IT going to take a one year haircut in his prime if he proves to be who we want, while waiting on DJ to get off the books or restructure?
    2) TT and JR… well we know what they are to the family. Upset the family?

  22. I say no questions asked Tristian Thompson has given us nothing against the Warriors in three straight finals while I sit around and wait for the fourth expecting that he would do otherwise he is who he is. Also I know they’re the rumor of LeBron can’t play with the true big Center because of spacing. I disagree with that LeBron can play with anybody heck even me. But just think about the idea of and Isaiah Thomas a Derrick Rose and what they would do with the DeAndre Jordan pick and rolling throwing that lob.

  23. Let’s see how IT plays when he comes back, if he good, sign and trade IT for Deandre and draft trae young

  24. I would like to get get rid of TT and Shumpert for sure but neither player is even close to what they were before the Cavs gave them ridiculous contracts. Would anyone want those expensive contracts this year and next year even with a pick? They can’t trade a first rounder because if someone comes available they really need they wouldn’t be able to trade another first round via the Brooklyn pick or their own depending on what they got rid of. OKC hasn’t been great either so if they could aquire Jordan for a couple players and a few second rounders not only could they clear space for next season to try and retain LBJ and IT but maybe grab a Paul Goerge if he becomes available and that would push Cleveland over the top of the Warriors in my opinion. An OKC trade would most definitely require a first rounder but it doesn’t necessarily have to be Goerge but something of that nature and adding a DJ woul definitely give the Cavs an inside presence and some helpful rebounds where they haven’t been as efficient this year teams they played have had to many second and this scoring opportunities. So yes I would trade but keep both first round picks just in case we can grab someone else to really push this team to elite greatness.

  25. My point was emphasized today in the Christmas Day Showdown. TT gets blocked continuously by guards and small forwards. He loses the ball, gets blocked, triple pumps for no reason, he can’t finish around the basket. That’s all he needs to do and he can’t! DJ is an excellent finisher, unlike TT. No six-foot-four garter 67 Ford is going to block his shots, he is going to finish with authority. That is something that is underrated from this argument and not being discussed. Better all-around rebounder, much better shop locker, and much better finisher. Yes people, it’s an upgrade!

  26. Jordan is a HUGE upgrade. Thompson is not and never will be a center. TT is too weak, unskilled and undersized to play center, and too slow, unathletic and uncoordinated to play forward. Jeff Green is basically the same size as Thompson but Green actually has skills and athleticism. What are we waiting for? Thompson should have been traded years ago. Trade TT and our own pick – Throw in Zizic, who will never play here anyway, and salaries match. The hard part is waiting, because most deals never happen until right before the trade deadline. I want Thompson out of here like yesterday.

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