Amico’s Top 16 weekly power rankings

Kyrie Irving's knee surgery presents a huge hurdle for the Celtics to overcome should he not be ready for the playoffs.

This season’s first installment of the weekly Amico Hoops Top 16 power rankings.

1. Boston Celtics: Kyrie Irving has never looked so relaxed and effective to start a season. Maybe he was on to something.

2. Houston Rockets: Will be interesting to see what type of impact Chris Paul’s return will have on Eric Gordon, who’s been magnificent.

3. Golden State Warriors: Sort of half-heartedly approaching the early season, and still starting to blow out opponents.

4. Detroit Pistons: Don’t look now, but Andre Drummond is making free throws. Avery Brady quite a pickup.

5. Minnesota Timberwolves: Additions of Jimmy Butler and Jeff Teague everything team hoped so far.

6. Memphis Grizzlies: Marc Gasol and Mike Conley look like All-Stars, Tyreke Evans has found new hoops life.

7. Orlando Magic: Starting to cool off after red-hot start. Still appear to be vastly improved.

8. San Antonio Spurs: Been sort of Jekyll-and-Hyde after 4-0 start. Need Kawhi Leonard back ASAP.

9. Portland Trail Blazers: Damian Lillard won’t be overlooked for the All-Star team this season. Period, end of discussion.

10. Toronto Raptors: Same cast, largely same results — a good team that doesn’t quite scare anybody.

11. Philadelphia 76ers: Hey, why not? Ben Simmons is doing things we rarely see from rookies, and Joel Embiid is healthy.

12. Washington Wizards: John Wall and Bradley Beal are the mainstays, but Otto Porter and others offering even more help.

13. Los Angeles Clippers: This has basically become the Blake Griffin Show. Read: Things could be worse.

14. Charlotte Hornets: Dwight Howard is playing well, Kemba Walker is an All-Star and Jeremy Lamb has been fantastic.

15. New York Knicks: Yeah, Carmelo Anthony’s old team is playing better than his new. Credit Kristaps Porzingis, baby.

16. New Orleans Pelicans: Anthony Davis and DeMarcus Cousins starting to come together, Pelicans coming around.