Cavs’ Rose possibly a go; Shumpert practices

Provided everything stays as is, point guard Derrick Rose is expected to make his return to the Cleveland Cavaliers’ lineup Thursday against the visiting Orlando Magic.

That’s the latest from Cavs practice Wednesday, when Rose met with the media and told reporters he is feeling good and looking like a go.

According to Rose, it all depends on how his body feels Thursday morning after taking part in Wednesday’s practice and scrimmage.

“I just want to hoop,” Rose, a former NBA Most Valuable Player, told reporters when asked about his role. “I don’t care about stats.”

Rose has been out with an ankle injury and hasn’t played in a game since Nov. 7.

He has appeared in seven games overall and is averaging 14.3 points. He is likely to serve as the primary backup to starting point guard Isaiah Thomas, though it’s possible they could be on the court at the same time.

In related news, Cavs coach Tyronn Lue told reporters that guard Iman Shumpert also practiced Wednesday. Lue said he isn’t sure about Shumpert’s status for Thursday.

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  1. Are the cavaliers and lue planning to use a four or five guard lineup with rose and shumpert returning to an already undersized team? Select a rotation of ten players and the remaining players, shumpert, rose, may have to realize their role is to remain in waiting for an injury or time off for a rotational player. There are way too many small guys on the cavaliers team to try and force them into the ten man rotation.
    The cavaliers must improve their starting lineup as it is poorly balanced and is way too small with love at center, crowder at power forward, smith ineffective consistently, and thomas the smallest guy in the nba an finding his way to last seasons form to have a successful campaign. Solution trade crowder,osman and a first round pick to the jazz for favors and hood. Starting lineup: thomas, hood, james, love favors: bench wade,korver,green, thompson, frye, smith, shumpert and rose. With a ten man rotation smith, rose, and shumpert may have to sit. With hood at guard 6’8” tall , and shooting over 40% 3 point shots for his career, and favors averaging more than 12 rebounds per game the team is now in position to legitimately challenge for a world title.

  2. Macky de Claro | January 17, 2018 at 8:52 pm |

    It would be better for the Cavs to trade thompson, smith, and schumpert for matthews and noel from the mavericks. the team will have a reliable 3 point shooter in Matthews and a goal defender in Noels. If need be, the Cavs can trade crowder, osman and 1st round pick for favors and hood. With the new set of players, the Cavs will be better in defense and more potent in offense, that can match against the Warriors.

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