Could Cavs’ Thomas be out until February?

The Cavaliers are hopeful that new point guard Isaiah Thomas will be ready to go by January.

Now that the blockbuster trade between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Boston Celtics is official, all eyes turn to point guard Isaiah Thomas and his much-talked about hip ailment.

Thomas, who is dealing with a significant hip injury, is unable to run yet according to multiple reports, as the All-Star guard won’t be ready for the start of the upcoming season.

Every Cavs fan wants to know two things: When will Thomas be cleared to play, and can he get back to his old form?

According to a recent report, while no one in the Cavs’ organization is willing to put a timeline on when Thomas might return, the 5-foot-9 scorer could be out until February.

Per Jason Lloyd of The Athletic:

The fact Thomas isn’t running yet certainly is not a good sign. One source with experience dealing with the type of hip problems Thomas is facing predicted it could be January or even the All-Star break before Thomas returns to game action. That doesn’t leave much time for a new player to establish chemistry and rhythm with a team trying to compete for a championship.

Thomas, meanwhile, spoke with ESPN last week and said, “I am not damaged, I’ll be back and I’ll be the same player.” He also added that not a single doctor he met with told him his injury was career-threatening.

The Cavs are fortunate to have signed Derrick Rose this summer. He will begin the year as the starter at point and is more than capable of running the offense and being that second elite penetrator next to LeBron James.

That said, Cleveland may not be done in terms of making moves.

The Cavs may need to somehow acquire another point guard to back up Rose as José Calderón does not seem suited to play extended minutes on a contending team.

6 Comments on "Could Cavs’ Thomas be out until February?"

  1. I believe Deron Williams is available.

  2. Adam Warlock | September 1, 2017 at 4:33 pm |

    If Thomas is a bust for this year and the Nets make the 8th seed in the playoffs, the Cavs got royally screwed by Ainge and Kyrie. Should’ve held out for another 1st round pick, or just traded Kyrie for E Bled and told Boston to go to hell.

  3. Weird to me that they haven’t looked into Tony Allen

  4. Completely agree with Adam.. if they moved KI to another team it would’ve crushed Boston this year & beyond. May not have been for as much.. but if IT doesn’t play til Feb then? If that pick isn’t top 3 then epic fail. They should’ve been able to get another first in 18 or 19 at the least.. i just would never deal to a rival.

  5. The way that CAVS approached most of the regular season last year, a February return should not be a problem. It’s the fans who pay tickets for regular season games who lose.

  6. James, yep, that’s the worst part, that the trade empowers Boston, who can now position themselves to get Anthony Davis in the future with all those picks. There’s still hope this could pan out in the Cavs’ favor, but many factors are now totally out of their control. In a way, this may come back to haunt Lebron for the rest of his career. He should have committed to the Cavs when they offered him Paul George and E Bled for Kyrie. Now look at this shit deal… unless they can flip the assets into a roster to compete with GSW. Because right now they don’t stand a chance.

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