Lue reiterates, Cavaliers ‘are going to be fine’

Former Cavaliers coach Tyronn Lue has re-emerged as a volunteer assistant with the Clippers.

Going through struggles in January is anything but new for Cleveland Cavaliers coach Tyronn Lue.

While Cleveland has lost four games in a row, eight of out their last 10 and nine of their last 12, this isn’t Lue’s first rodeo when it comes to experiencing and dealing with difficulties.

Which is why, despite a joint report by three media separate media outlets that members of the team no longer believe the Cavaliers can right the ship and compete for a championship, Lue refuses to cave in to the negativity and noise that is seemingly always circling his team.

“I don’t know which guys (don’t believe), but I believe,” Lue told reporters after practice Wednesday. “I think a lot of the guys think that we can win. We’ve been playing well as of late, the last couple games and we’ve gotta continue to build off of that. So I feel confident.”

A common phrase in professional sports is, “the film doesn’t lie.” And while the Cavaliers dropped a 10-point verdict to defending champion Golden State on Monday night, Lue saw some good things while reviewing it on film.

“We showed it (Wednesday) on film, we’re doing some good things,” Lue said. “You can do the right thing all the time and every time it doesn’t result in wins. We are doing the right thing, better defensively, like I said.

“Offensively, we’re doing some good things, too. Once we continue to make shots and continue to play like we’ve played the last couple games, things will work out.”

Before the game against the Warriors on Monday at Quicken Loans Arena, Lue said he believed the Cavaliers will reassume their annual position as the best team in the Eastern Conference. He cited when all the Cleveland players return to full health — Derrick Rose is expected to return tonight against Orlando and Iman Shumpert is said to be close — and when the minutes restriction point guard Isaiah Thomas is still saddled with, the Cavaliers are “gonna be fine.”

Lue firmly believes a fully healthy, fully available Thomas, a two-time All-Star who led the Eastern Conference in scoring last season at 28.9 points per game, will have a huge impact on the Cavaliers’ fortunes.

“With the point guard, the head of the snake, I.T., right now just trying to find his rhythm, get his legs and we’re going to be fine,” Lue said. “I’ve seen where people said ‘sources say’ and I look down the roster and I don’t see no guy named ‘sources,’ so we gotta talk to (general manager) Koby (Altman) about getting another position or something.”

The coach remains steadfast in his belief in his team, which takes a 26-17 record into tonight’s matchup with visiting Orlando (13-31), now tied with Atlanta and Sacramento for the worst record in the NBA.

“I don’t know, but we’re going to be fine,” Lue said. “The guys are putting in the work. The last couple of games have been very positive even though we lost, so things are going to be fine.”

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  1. The cavaliers would be fine if lue would take a sabatical and allow a person to guide the cavaliers who understands the importance of establishing overall good teaam chemistry, and optimal lineups that are consistent and stable from begining of the game to end and allow the continuity and consistency to take place in an ongoing manner. No lineup gimmicks and small combinations of players to suit some ill conceived matchup which leads to confussion. No use of kevin love as a stretch 5 and crowder as a 4 as they are both playing out of position and it will show against the raptors with valanciunas, ibaca, and the raptors two fine backup centers, as well as,other teams that can exploit the small cavalier combinations in the low post.
    If there are to be no external help from trades starting lineup suggestion: thomas,crowder, james,love,thompson, bench crew: wade,korver,green, frye, osman the unit that played so well winning 18 out of 19 games which they were the main reason not the starters. That leaves, smith, shumpert, and rose not in the ten man rotation ant that is fine as long as it gives the cavaliers their best possible chance to win game and remain successful. Sitting on the bench is a role that is best suited for some players on a team instead of playing and causing a negative impact.

    • Love the suggestions William. Don’t think Lue is headed for sabbatical, though. 🙂 Think the team definitely needs more of Frye and less of either Thompson or Crowder.

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