Winning Raptors have roster decisions ahead

Fred VanVleet has agreed on a two-year deal to remain with the Raptors.

The Toronto Raptors have won five straight, and now it seems their only issue is determining what to do with guard Delon Wright when he returns from injury.

“Wright was playing good basketball before he hurt his shoulder again,” the Toronto Sun wrote. “He was smothering opponents of all sizes with his length and instincts, while finishing at a high rate inside, largely thanks to his excellent EuroStep. But the rotation was too large, with too few minutes to go around.”

The Raptors are 7-2 in Wright’s absence, with second-year guard Fred VanVleet stepping up and playing well. Also, as noted by the Sun, Kyle Lowry has returned to his All-Star ways.

Basically, the Raptors are loaded in the backcourt and winning — and soon Wright will return. So coach Dwane Casey has some rotation calls to make.

“As we’ve noted here before, it’s better to have an excess of good players instead of not enough, but Wright’s return brings some challenges,” the Sun wrote. “How do you keep Lowry going strong if you bring down his minutes a bit again? How do you find enough time for Norm Powell and for VanVleet, while also letting Wright do his thing? If (DeMar) DeRozan plays a bit at small forward, how do you take advantage of C.J. Miles and his ability to space the floor?”

Sometimes, too many guys playing well in one spot, or one particular style, can lead to a trade. The Raptors undoubtedly could use another player to stretch the floor. Maybe a deal is on the way.

But for now, the Raptors have a good problem, and those are the best kings of problems to have.

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  1. I see various point/shooting guards that need a home while we could use one. AT least the point guard. I like Jose a ton and he’s had an outstanding career, but he’s done. It shows every time we play a team (good, bad or average) that has a good point guard and a half way good Center/PF. We can’t seem to beat those teams. IN my humble opinion, we missed the boat on Jahlil Okafor and Nik Stauskas. Sixers gave away far less than their worth and something the Cavs could’ve got done without blinking. I mean the Nets even got a draft pick on top of those two players. Now if they were asking for the Nets pick and LeBron James I could see the reason for passing, but the Sixers got a 30 y.o. sorta big whom will either sit or simply drop from the team as they won’t be able to use that guy. Stauskas is more of a combo guard and could easily help our pg situation for this roster as it’s made up and having another C/PF that is gifted, young and athletic would be a plus.

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