Report: LeBron would listen to Warriors as a free agent

LeBron James would be willing meet with the Warriors to join Kevin Durant & Co., if Golden State can clear cap space this summer, according to a report.

How’s your morning going, Cavaliers fans? If it’s going well, stop reading now and find another story on Amico Hoops to peruse.

Chris Haynes of ESPN reports if the Golden State Warriors can find a way to create another max salary slot after this season, they could navigate toward securing a meeting with LeBron James.

James, who has a $35.6 player option for the 2018-19 season with the Cleveland Cavaliers, is expected to decline it and become an unrestricted free agent for the third time in his career this summer.

Haynes writes James would be willing to listen if the defending champions do indeed find a way to clear the necessary space on their salary cap. Golden State has the league’s highest payroll, $137,593,052.

The report said the most realistic way for James to wind up with the Warriors would be the same way he bolted the Cavaliers the first time after the 2009-10 season to head to Miami — via a sign-and-trade scenario.

Haynes speculates Golden State would construct an offer built around Klay Thompson and Andre Iguodala. He writes the Warriors would also need Kevin Durant to decline his player option and to take even fewer dollars than his current salary, $25 million, and also find a team to take Shaun Livingston.

All of which would clear the path for James to become a Warrior, joining Durant, Stephen Curry and Draymond Green, with Golden State then filling out its roster with players signed for the league minimum.

3 Comments on "Report: LeBron would listen to Warriors as a free agent"

  1. Klay’s a better fit for that team and what they do. 3 is still more than 2. Thats why they win. LeBron cant shoot too well. He’d be a wrench thrown in the machine he’s not all that coachable.

    I think Mr Ring Chaser would want to do it but i dont think the Warriors would be as excited about it as he thinks. Also not sure if this whole story is based on real but we do know he likes to be the center of attention. He’s will get his wish on that level.

    • No where has James, as you call him “the ring chaser” said that he’s open to playing in Oakland. Other than the lead in title which is click bait.

      Cavs will make the right move as they always do in the next couple of weeks and the Cavs will once again win the ship.

  2. Does this really matter? Lebron came back to Cleveland and delivered a ring while being the best player in the world in basketball. He played his heart out and delivered a championship. The 3 year run vs. the Warriors has only happened in Baseball in the 1920’s (Yankees vs. Giants) and Football in the 1950’s (Browns vs. Lions).

    When Lebron left for Miami, it hurt because he was the best player in the game and was one of us. Northeast Ohio had lost to the Chuck Noll Steelers of the 70’s, the Jordan led Bulls of the 80’s & 90’s. It was great to be a Cleveland fan and knowing you had the best player in game on your team. I personally didn’t like the way he left or the Karma of the situation, but it was his right and at the time he had given Cleveland the best 7 year run of NBA basketball. “The Decision” was such a slap in the face to our community that it led me to compare Lebron to the phenomenal talent of the mid 1970’s David Thompson of the ABA/NBA Denver Nuggets. What a mistake that was, 7 NBA finals and counting later, David Thompson could only be so lucky.

    History has been made and the promise has been fulfilled. If Lebron stays that would be great for Cleveland and the NBA, if he goes then Let’s give him a heartfelt thank you for fulfilling his promise and bringing a championship to Northeast Ohio. We still have this year and nothing has been decided. Enjoy the ride and let the pundits speculate. Bottom line is we have witnessed a Historic 3 years and it’s not over.

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