2022 World Cup Qatar 2022 Argentina 2 – Australia 1 Match Summary and Result

2022 World Cup Qatar 2022 Argentina 2 – Australia 1 Match Summary and Result

The “Tottered“Referring to its technical director, this is not the only way the Argentina national team is known. It is also known as “La Albiceleste” due to the colors of its shirt.

The word albiceleste, According to the RAE, refers to things like white and light blue. The official shirt offered by it in those shades Adidas in July this yearUnder the motto “The spirit of a country unites in this new shirt”.

The colors of the Argentine flag, created by Manuel Belgrano in 1812, were found in a Bolivian church in 1883 and returned to the country in 1896. According to the site of the Ministry of Culture of the country.

The flag has its colors distributed in three horizontal bands, two light blue and one white in the middle, showing a golden sun at its center.

Belgrano proposed the creation of a national cacade so that the army would have a common identity, and the Triumvirate, the highest power at the time, approved the idea: “Let this be the national cacade of the United States. Rio de la Silver, white and sky blue.”

“In this way, in 1812, Belgrano designed a flag with the same colors, which was used for the first time in the city of Rosario, on the banks of the Paraná River, where the army took the oath in favor of independence and freedom. “He continues. Ministry of Culture.

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