5 facts about the mystery and sci-fi series that are getting outrageous on Netflix

5 facts about the mystery and sci-fi series that are getting outrageous on Netflix

Netflix It not only has the advantage of producing its own series and movies, but also has the advantage of “save” for many productions that have been canceled by other production companies. This is the situation existing (existing), a supernatural drama that premiered in 2018 and was broadcast on NBC. After three seasons, the series was canceled but its fans claimed so much for it that the N platform finally came out to revive it with a fourth and final installment.

Although there is no news of these new episodes yet, the streaming service has decided to premiere all previous seasons and that move has gone very well, ever since. existing It is one of the Moment series in the catalog. For that reason, here are some facts about this drama that will hit Netflix and attract more viewers.

what is he talking about?

The series revolves around the passengers of Montego Air Flight 828 who inexplicably realize that they have spent five years inside that plane despite not showing signs of aging. When they return home after the mysterious event, things are not the same as before.

The official summary reads:A plane mysteriously lands years after takeoff, and the people on board return to a world that went without them and encounter strange new realities.“.

Statement (2018)

Who is acting?

existing starring Josh Dallas -as Ben Stone-, Melissa Roxburgh -as Michael Stone- JR Ramirez – Jared Vasquez- Parveen Kor -Sanvi Bahl-, Athena Karkanis Like Grace Stone, mon blaze olive stone, Daryl Edwards -Robert Vance- jack Messina -Cal Stone- and Matt Long Zeke Landon.

The rest of the cast was completed by Curtis Cook, Alexandra Abrams, Whitney Andrews, Giuseppe Ardison, Capel Bawa, Brooke Carell, Giovanni Celentano, Casey Semeluka, Malachi Cleary, Joel de la Fuente, Frank Dale, Joseph Fischer, Julian Hanzelka Kim, Brandi Larkin, Geraldine Lear, Alfredo Narciso, Dustin Nichols, Ashley North, Katrina E. Perkins, Andrew Sensing, Johnny P. Shady, Richard Topol, David Tuttle, John Wojda, Dana Schick, and Dylan Holmes.

Who created it?

The series was created by Jeff Rake The title was David Frankel, Dean White, Craig Zisek, Paul Houlahan, Claudia Jarme, Felix Enriquez Alcala, Nina Lopez Corrado, Tonya McKiernan, Michael Schultz, Marisol Adler, Konstantin Makris, Millicent Shelton, Michael Smith s Romeo Tyrone.

The script for the series was the work of several writers, including Jeff Rake, Matthew Fernandez, Bobak Esvarjani, M.

existing It is Compari Entertainment, Jeff Rake Productions, Universal Pictures Television, and Warner Bros. for television production. for NBC.

Statement (2018)

What does the critic say?

The series received mixed reviews from the specialized press. While some find its premise interesting and can be better exploited, others think it’s predictable, boring, and not at all original.. “It is better than it should be (…) a series made with skill and attention to detail, even if it is very forgiving,” they wrote in diverse. However, in Eagle I disagree when it says:existing not next Lost (…) General and forgettable (…) Don’t pick up on how the characters feel after turning their world upside down. “

Is there a trailer?

Yes, if you’d prefer to take a look at the trailer before playing the series, you can watch it below with subtitles.

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