6 Tricks To Expand Your Cell Phone Storage Space In Seconds

6 Tricks To Expand Your Cell Phone Storage Space In Seconds

It’s not just about deleting photos and videos! We tell you how to expand your cell phone memory within seconds

Usually you are recording a video, taking a picture or downloading a new app, when your cell phone warns you that there is no storage space on your device. Definitely the first thing to do is to delete the photos and videos, but you should know that there are other ways to expand your cell phone memory.

6 Tricks To Expand Your Cell Phone Storage Instantly

Delete the apps you don’t use

If you download some applications that you only use occasionally, such as photo editors, games or Connecting From the food, uninstall it temporarily until you use it again, and to do that, press and hold the app until it starts moving and tap the cross option.

Delete messages from your cell phone

The history of Telegram, WhatsApp, and iMessage takes up a lot of space and you might not even know it. If you’re the one who’s been keeping your conversations for years, it’s time to start getting rid of those that don’t contain information that’s relevant to you.

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Movies and music

If your favorite movies, as well as your favorite songs are downloaded in apps like Spotify, Netflix, Youtube, iTunes, Prime Video and more, delete the content you no longer play frequently, because it takes up a lot of space in your memory.

Clear Cache

Open the Settings option on your phone, select Safari and tap on Clear History and Data. Your web searches can fill your memory without your knowledge.

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Use the cloud

Through iCloud, Google, Dropbox, or another service, your storage can be expanded, as long as you pay a small amount of money per month.

Delete photos and videos

This is the easiest option, as photos and videos take up a lot of space on your device. Transfer them to your computer and later delete them from your gallery, or simply delete content that is not relevant to your reel.

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