7 Tips to Protect Your Phone

7 Tips to Protect Your Phone

Smartphones allow you to do everything. Using them you can chat with your friends, play at live dealer roulette online casinos, or watch movies. Yet, hackers are also improving their methods. With these simple tips, you can protect your phone. 

Use a VPN With Public Wi-Fi Networks 

Encryption on a VPN will hide the information you’re transmitting from third parties. Such services also provide anonymity, so you can’t be tracked down by IP address or other means. 

Set Strong Passwords

Never use the same password twice. It is best to create passwords from a random set of characters. Alternate case and use numbers and special characters in addition to letters. If your password is a passphrase consisting of several short words that you can remember, replace some of the letters with symbols or numbers.

Use a Long PIN Code

If your device allows, instead of a four-digit PIN code, set a six-digit one. A six-digit PIN creates more possible combinations, making it more difficult for an intruder who wants to break into your phone or accounts to guess your password. Never use dates or other personal information as a password because hackers trying to find your password are primarily looking for information they can find about you online. 

Store Your Passwords in a Secure Online Repository

To keep your passwords and PINs in mind, use a service for keeping passwords. Never jot down passwords in a notepad or in notes on your phone, they’re not secure. Password managers encrypt your passwords. So, burglars won’t see them. The only password you’ll need to remember is the password to the vault itself. Of course, you need to make it as strong and complex as possible. As a result, nobody can get access to it.

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Download a Call Blocking App

Such apps protect your phone from illegal calls and other types of phone scams. Yet, they don’t always work perfectly and can send real numbers to spam. Fortunately, many apps flag incoming calls as potential spam, allowing you to decide for yourself whether or not to pick up the phone.

Don’t Engage in the Conversation and Hang Up

Engaging in conversation can provoke more calls. Don’t press buttons to navigate the automated menu and don’t answer live operators if you suspect something is wrong. Just hang up and search the Internet for information about the caller if curiosity still gets the better of you.

Use Only Official Apps

Using third-party apps to log into services like online banking and social media makes your device vulnerable to unauthorized access. What’s more, if you give your credentials to a third party, you could lose them as a victim of phishing. Avoid apps designed to work with multiple services at once.

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