A newly born white tiger dies in captivity in Nicaragua

A newly born white tiger dies in captivity in Nicaragua

(CNN Español) – The Snow Tunnel, the first tigress born in captivity in Central America, on Wednesday, 14 days after giving birth, caused respiratory complications, said veterinarian Eduardo Sacasa, director of the Nicaraguan National Zoo.

“With so much pain and sadness, I would like to tell you that the little white tiger born on December 29th last year has passed away today. She was born a little sick with a cold, and we started to fight her with antibiotics, and she got better a little, but on the last day she woke up a little bit and had to give her serum And we were putting oxygen on her, and at dawn we saw that she was dying, he said, through a video clip posted on his Facebook page, Fauna Silvestre de Nicaragua.

Sakasa previously explained that the tigress was born from a yellow Bengal tiger who was rescued five years before the circus, as they were subjected to abuse, and that it weighed less than two kilograms. He added that after several attempts to bring her closer to her mother, Delilah, she rejected her, so both Sacasa and his wife, Marina Argüello, devoted themselves full time to feeding and treating her.

He added: “It is a great pain for Marina and for me, it hurts us a lot because we gave ourselves a lot of affection, a lot of love, every birth that we can deliver, but God took it.”

Sakasa thanked all the people who, through calls and social networks, were aware of Snow’s health.

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Snow inherited the white color from his paternal grandfather, and it is an uncommon color among his gender. According to Scasa, the color of the fur is the result of a genetic hybridization that causes the young to lose the characteristic yellow of a Bengal tiger.

This native species, according to Sacasa, from Southeast Asia, has been declining as a result of droughts caused by the climate crisis, as well as researching the use of their skin.

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