A candidate fighting for a position in the corporation

A candidate fighting for a position in the corporation

Deportes Dolima Jr. showed his cards as a candidate for the 2023-II League title, edging out Barranquilla. The David Gonzalez-led side remain leaders of Quadrangular A thanks to a 1-1 draw between Deportivo Cali and Aguilas Doradas.

Vinodinto y Oro continues to clearly grow with 11 wins in its last 12 presentations and it put up a strong showing this Monday as well.

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Dolima had to wait 39 minutes to take the lead: Yazon Guzmán’s brilliant pass, with a beautiful mark, left Diego Herazo in front of Jefferson Martinez’s goal. The forward defined well to give his team the advantage.

Night came for Junior before the first half ended: Homer Martinez slapped Juan David Rios in the face and was shown a red card by referee Luis Delgado. VAR reviewed the action and did not even consider calling the referee to change the decision.

Dolima took advantage of the numerical advantage

Arturo Reyes, the junior coach, tried to prevent things from going further: he re-established the goal area with the entry of John Velez and sacrificed Carlos Bacca. Thus, the team was in danger without a lead.

Dolima made the most of the junior’s lackluster play: 8 minutes into the second half, Kevin Perez caught a ball in the area that his teammate Fabian Mosquera had brought down, beat Martinez to replace goalkeeper Santiago Mele, and was called up to the national team. Uruguay.

Reyes took all the offensive pieces he had off the bench and tried to turn things around, but to no avail. Junior was a flat team that never looked intimidating and was vulnerable at the back. Dolema capitalized with one more goal, scored by Cristian Trujillo, the second in the 36th.

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VAR gave Junior a slight helping hand in the dismissal, detecting a stamp on Gabriel Fuentes in the area. And Steven Rodriguez, who came on just before 3-0, struck hard and high in injury time at 90+4, leaving Neto Volpi with no choice.

The 3-1 final was a huge emotional boost for Dolima, who is now a spectator against group favourites, Aguilas Doradas, a result that allows him to dream of a fourth star.

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