Beating the Celtics in Boston is an impossible task

Beating the Celtics in Boston is an impossible task

TRadically, NBA history says that winning in Boston is one of the most complex exercises This is the way out. The mighty King of Basketball, a crowd devoted to the hatred of rivals, and a franchise that has seen the most episodes in history – the famous air conditioning against the Lakers – make life impossible for anyone who wants to assault its fortress. And when his Boston Celtics fly over the court, it’s even more so. They don’t need anything else and against the New York Knicks (114-98), In a classic NBA game, they made it clear that their team was ready for anything and that others would face an impossible task when they set foot on the court.

Tatum shines against the Knicks

12 straight home wins, with only two tournament losses (Minnesota and Philadelphia) outside of Boston’s North End. With a base of six players, this is scary because they are stars and performing at the highest level. It was his turn to lead Jayson Tatum 35 points, 7 rebounds, 6 assists, 56% In field goal he was the big name of the night in the NBA.

Tatum, great team leader

Maybe Tatum will play basketball in his life. He knows he is the leader of the team and his averages say so. He’s scoring 27.7 points a night, the Celtics’ best, 9.2 rebounds, more than anyone, and 52% shooting from the field.also. That’s why he’s adding 39.5% on three-pointers, which are more shots he makes than anyone else. He adds that he is the one who steals the most balls. A real “star”. He caused countless damage to the Nyx, and gained their advantages from any side. In the final quarter, he killed the game after Porzingis found him with a header.

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This is how Tatum decided the game against the Knicks

The Celtics, overall, are a well-oiled machine. Their three major acts, accompanying the luxury supplements, Al Horford, Derek White, and Jrue Holiday, feel good. Against the Knicks, Jaylen Brown accompanied Tatum by scoring 22 points, 5 rebounds, and 6 assists. Porzingis went for 21+6 and three threes, with a score of +19 every time the Latvian stepped on him.

The worst team in the NBA

The Celtics are amazing in the “eyes” of the consumer, and when the biggest disaster in the league plays on the same night, everything doubles. They are the Washington Wizards at 2-8 after their minimal loss to the Toronto Raptors (111-107) and showed that they do not want to compete. They led by 16 with six minutes remaining, and produced one of the most unfortunate finishes in memory: 0 points, 0/7 on field goals, 4 losses and 16 points allowed. They lost, of course.

Siakam scores and the Wizards lose again

Pascal Siakam, the leader of the Raptors, tells them He finished the game with 39 points, 11 rebounds, and 7 assists. He scored the winning basket when he picked it up in front of the rim and went in and not even two defenders could stop him. Toronto wanted to win, Siakam put up numbers that had never been seen before…and Washington decided to move on.

Sacramento is dangerous

With its victory (132-120) over the Cleveland Cavaliers, the… The Sacramento Kings are at their best. A third straight win, a 5-4 record and a complete performance from their best players. De’Aaron Fox He led with 28 points, a legitimate NBA star. Keegan Murray was accompanied by 25, Huerter made six three-pointers and Domantas Sabonis (23 + 10 + 9) was in the all-rounder as one of the most complete players in the world.

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Sabonis celebrates with the basket.

Kings have no secrets. They play fast and if they are successful they are a danger to anyone. with A very high percentage from outside (20/41 on threes) kills the Cavaliers which is again a reflection of the team That nearly toppled the Warriors last year. There is great news in Sacramento. They are back.

Giannis yes, Lillard no…

The comparison to Boston in the other big Eastern Conference, the Milwaukee Bucks, is painful. They beat the Chicago Bulls (118-109), but they are light years away from what Boston shows. Because they have not yet found a joint performance for their two stars, Giannis Antetokounmpo and Damian Lillard. The Greek played a great match with a score of 35+11, but the point star did not exceed 12 points with a very bad shot 3/17. On field goals.

Lillard vs. Dosunmu.

For Sayida, the best thing ever is for the team to win and not notice its decline. Because it is eye-catching. He averaged 22.8 points with 4.3 rebounds and 4.8 assists. His percentages are 37% on field goals, 26% from three-point range, and 93% on free throws. I’ve never had so few assists and so few field goals and three-pointers.. There’s a problem in Milwaukee.

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