A commitment to science in the political direction

A commitment to science in the political direction

More than 30 years after the last incursion of the district school of the Hermanos Marañón party, in postgraduate studies, on Saturday will be held the graduation of the first 11 graduates of the Bachelor of Social Sciences, taught in the mixed and open method. Only for political cadres in office.

MA Clara Iris Dowdennot Hernandez, Teaching Assistant Director of this institution, brings readers master saw To the interiors of some higher education is not very well known among the residents of Santiago.

Why a Bachelor of Social Sciences?
Well, because it provides theoretical and methodological tools for the cadres facing the political leadership of the country today, to enrich their vision and contribute to solving social problems that exist in politics, culture and ideology; The fact that the Bachelor of Social Sciences is taught in our school is a contribution to making the political direction of society scientific. It is also an opportunity for working cadres who have not had the opportunity to graduate from higher education.”

Was it a challenge for this generation of teachers who encountered a high-level profession for the first time?
“These seven years have gone through all the contradictions, limitations and obstacles that the country has faced; firstly, the preparation of the college to teach the degree, the lack of professors of subjects that contribute to training such as English, security and national defence, in which we need the Universidad de Oriente to be involved; the epidemic that forced us to pause for a while Two years, and the difficulties that led us to regroup programs, adjust schedules, and teach classes in places not designed for that.
“One thing enriched my professional life, and that was the content of the documents that marked the transformation of Cuban society in the past seven years, which included more preparation for teachers, training in proportion to social reality, for students.”

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School for schools?
The profession of “Hermanos Marañón” was a laboratory for experiment in theory, in solving practical problems occurring in the political direction of society itself, because within the specialization file there is also the study of professional problems that are revealed in the work of both the organizations that bring together Cubans and the course and diploma work contributes in solving these problems.

For graduates, does it all end on graduation day?
“Even when the degree we are studying does not have a pedagogical profile, teacher preparation allows an educational approach to the teaching process in the party school system, and is therefore a quarry for our faculty; in addition, for those who wish to continue their studies, the system offers them degrees Postgraduate, Postgraduate and Master’s studies.
Today in the Regional School of the Party “Hermanos Marañón” in Santiago de Cuba there are 104 other students of the highest level in the classrooms and its faculty states that the first promotion of the Bachelor of Social Sciences in the past thirty years is taking place in the year of the sixtieth anniversary of the establishment of the party school system; In the midst of the implementation of the agreements of the Eighth Congress and the profound transformations of the Cuban economy, it was the ideal context for a commitment to science in a political direction.

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