A former student basketball manager died in an accident

A former student basketball manager died in an accident

Robin Robiolo was 57 years old and currently living in the capital of Neuquen. He played the main role of the manager during the golden age in which Bata won the National League twice and the South American League.

In a fatal accident Sunday night in Newson County, the former manager of Estudiantes professional basketball team, Robin Robiolo, was killed. He was 57 years old and currently living in the capital, Neuquen. Rubiolo was the owner of Rems and had flown two passengers from Aelo to Neuqun Capital. The accident occurred at the height of Picada 21 of Route 7.

The news of his death, published in the digital edition of La Maana de Neuqun, sparked a panic in the basketball environment in general and in Estudiantes in particular, as he played the main role as a manager during that time. Gold in which Kian Albenegra won Bicampionato from the National League and the South American League.

Pedro Reyes, captain of the time, recalled last night in an interview with EL POPULAR that “Robiolo was the architect of the arrival of Sergio Hernandez and all the players who were with him on his way through Caada de Gmez, such as Gaby Daz and the brothers Daniel and Claudio Varabello”.

His death occurred when he capsized with a Toyota Hilux truck he was driving on Prefectural Route 7, at the height of San Patricio del Char.

According to information provided by Commissioner Rolando Ortz, the operational coordinator for District 2, on Sunday 9:50 pm, they learned of the fatal accident that occurred on Route 7, at the height of Picada 21. “When the commission arrived, the commissioner who explained that three men were traveling there said, They are the driver and two passengers, “At the scene, they saw a Toyota Hilux truck overturn on the driver’s side on the side of the road.

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The 57-year-old victim was thrown from the truck after the coup and was placed about 10 meters away, on an irrigation canal, which had no water at the time. The Commissioner told Ortiz that “the man was alive and was receiving assistance from the medical staff who later transferred him to the local hospital, where he died around 11:45 pm from the fractures he sustained after the strong impact.”

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