A health center is being built in the Santa Rosa area

A health center is being built in the Santa Rosa area

new construction Wellness center in Barrage Santa Rosa Score an advance of 55%. The work is being carried out through the Department of Public Works and when it is completed the services provided in that area from the Rivadavia Department will be consolidated in a health centre.

The regional investment is valued at $19.7 million and will benefit 1,500 people. The facility will have an area of ​​230 square meters and will have the following areas: dental clinic, medical clinic, observation room, administration, health group, nursing room and ancillary house for nurses and doctors.

In the early days of last April, Secretary of Public Works Hugo de la Fuente met with Santa Rosa residents and officials in the Rivadavia Banda Sur municipality to comment on the aspects and scope of the project, which included restoring a water well. The Minister of Public Health, Juan Jose Esteban, also participated in the meeting.

water work

Water well restoration work has already been carried out in the Santa Rosa region, also through the Ministry of Infrastructure.

In May, after several sequencing and obtaining satisfactory flow and quality values, the final pump was installed. In addition, connections were made to thrust tubes and elevated tanks.

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