A Look At Canada’s Booming Entertainment and Media Industries

A Look At Canada’s Booming Entertainment and Media Industries

In many parts of the world, Canada is considered the quiet neighbor of the United States. While that’s true in many respects, the country is coming out of its shell and demonstrating it can be a contender in business. In particular, Canada has one of the most progressive, cost-effective, and innovative entertainment and media industries around. Let’s explore the entertainment sectors in the North American country, such as film and TV production, and how each can continue growing in the future.

Film and TV Production

In 2019, Canada’s film and video production industry generated $9.2 billion and today employs over 117,000 people full-time. The two provinces that contributed the most to this figure in 2019 were British Columbia, generating $3.4 billion, and Ontario, which accounted for almost 35% of Canada’s $9.2 billion. Many hit TV shows have been filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia, often referred to as the Hollywood of the North, including Riverdale, Supernatural, and Virgin River. Netflix’s recently released survival drama series Keep Breathing was also filmed around the Vancouver area, as well as blockbuster movies like Deadpool and 21 Jump Street. In Ontario, hit television shows like Suits and The Handmaid’s Tale were filmed there.
Canada has already taken several measures to continue growing its film and television industry. For instance, in 2017, the Government of Canada opened a new post-production facility in North Bay, Ontario. The 5,588 square-foot facility is located on Canadore College’s main campus and focuses on audio mixing, editing, and color grading technology. The facility also allowed Canadore College to offer its students a new post-production diploma program, inspiring a new generation of directors, sound engineers, and producers.

Online Gambling

Canada also has a fast-growing online gambling market. According to reports, of the $2.64 billion in revenue Canada’s gambling industry earned in 2021, $1.2 billion came from online gambling. The popularity of Canada’s online gambling industry is pretty balanced, with men making up nearly 60% of the market and women making up over 40%. Some popular casino games in Canada include slots, poker, and roulette, but online sports betting has also entered the mainstream, especially in Ontario. In April 2022, Ontario’s online sports betting market officially opened, allowing Ontarians to place bets on sports like hockey soccer, and football.
When it comes to playing traditional casino games like slots, video poker, and table games like blackjack, one of the best online casinos in Canada that’s available to online players is Bodog Casino. This Canadian platform is a real money casino with a diverse game selection, several payment options (including Bitcoin), and $600 welcome bonuses. Bodog Casino has also optimized its web browser for mobile viewing and playing, improving accessibility. According to reports, 95% of millennials in Canada own a smartphone.
To continue growing, some improvements the Canadian market could implement include adding more live dealer games and accepting more cryptocurrencies as payment methods. Right now, Bitcoin is accepted, as well as Ethereum and Litecoin. However, there are thousands of other virtual currencies, and casino operators want to ensure they are appealing to these individuals too.

VFX And Animation

Canada also has a booming VFX and animation industry. Vancouver, in particular, is a hot spot for animation, with more than 60 studios in the city. Vancouver Film School is also ranked the #1 international animation program in the world. Despite the industry’s success, some improvements need to be made. For instance, there is a belief, especially in cities like Montreal, that there need to be better working conditions for Canadian animators.
With the success of the different sectors in its entertainment and media industries, Canada has proved itself as a serious contender in the world of business. Of course, some improvements should be made if Canada wants to compete with other countries. Nonetheless, the country’s achievements are admirable and have helped put Canada on the map for things other than its scenery.

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