A look at the top online casino bonuses on offer

A look at the top online casino bonuses on offer

With online casino bonuses offered such as no deposit bonuses here and free spins there, you could be forgiven for thinking that online casinos are in the business of trying to outdo one another in terms of how much money they can give away. That doesn’t sound like a great business model and the truth is a little more complicated. However, it’s true to say that the market is so competitive and market share is so important that gamers can certainly benefit from all these promos. At least, they can if they know how to play smart.  

As we will see, some giveaways really can equate to free money, while others are not as generous as they first appear. Every casino bonus is different and has its own nuances, an independent review website like CasinoSenpai.com gives you an overview of the best online casino bonuses for new and loyal customers. 

Welcome Bonus 

A welcome bonus is the obvious place to start. Cyberspace has even more choice when it comes to casinos than the Las Vegas strip, and it’s a. case of dog eat dog in the battle to get you in through their virtual doors and signed up as a member. A welcome bonus is exactly as it sounds – a one-off bonus that is awarded to new members upon joining. 

The exact nature of the bonus will vary from one casino to another, but the most common sort is a matched bonus, whereby they will match your opening deposit into your gambling account, subject to some upper limit. This might be as high as $500, but you can only use it once. So if you deposit $20, the casino will match it and you’ll have $40 to play with. If you deposit $100, they will likewise match it and you’ll have $200 at your disposal.  

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No Deposit Bonus 

Here’s a popular type of bonus, and one that might sound too good to be true. As the name implies, it is a money bonus that the casino pays into your gambling account, but unlike the matched bonus, you don’t have to deposit any money out of you own pocket. On the face of it, you’ve everything to win and nothing to lose with a no deposit bonus.  

That’s true, but – there is a but. No deposit bonuses are invariably subject to all sorts of conditions. There’s typically a wagering requirement that’s seldom less than 30x and can be as high as 60x. Some no deposit bonuses also have a maximum payout limit, so even if you hit the jackpot, they’ll never make you a millionaire. Still, as long as you go into the game with your eyes open and understand the conditions, no deposit bonuses provide risk-free gambling. 

Free spins 

Another common condition of no deposit bonus money is that it can only be used on certain slot games. Free spins are basically a different way in which casinos can offer exactly the same thing. Sometimes free spins are awarded when you make a deposit, so are a little like the matched bonus, and sometimes they are given away like the no deposit bonus. 

In the latter case, you’ll find similar conditions. In other words, one casino might offer a $10 no deposit bonus that you can use on the Starburst slot. Another might offer 100 free $0.10 spins on Starburst. Essentially, the two bonuses are identical, so it’s a case of checking the conditions to see which is really the best deal. 

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Cashback Bonus 

Here’s a relatively new type of casino bonus, and it’s one that has really captured the imaginations of gamblers and done wonders to promote brand loyalty. The way it works is that the casino gives those players who have had an unlucky streak a bit of a break by returning a percentage of their net loss as a cashback. It’s typically set at 10 percent and it is calculated and paid out automatically at a set time and day every week. 

Everyone has a bad run from time to time, and when you do, a bonus is extra welcome. Whoever invented the cashback bonus was a master of psychology! 

Reload Bonus 

Finally, a bonus type that is the equivalent of the welcome bonus but aimed at retaining existing customers as opposed to attracting new ones. Other than that, though, it works in the same way as the matched bonus we mentioned earlier. When you “reload” your gambling account with money out of your pocket, the casino will provide a bonus. 

Typically, this will be less than the welcome bonus, so don’t expect 100 percent. However, 25 percent is not uncommon, so in that case, if you reload $100, you’ll get $25 extra as a reload bonus.  

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