A motorcyclist registers CDMX police asking for a “bite” to sweep a closed lane

A motorcyclist registers CDMX police asking for a “bite” to sweep a closed lane
CDMX Police Motorcycle Register Request

On August 15, journalist Jorge Becerril shared a video in which you can see the moment when a policeman of the Secretariat for Citizen Security (SSC) in Mexico City asked to “bite” a motorcyclist who had committed an offense and let him continue on his way.

“I was in a hurry and wanted to get there faster, I got into the Mexibus lane, don’t do it,” reads the recording taken by the same biker. In the photos it can be seen that he passed two cars and left to A few meters later, a man in military uniform cut him off to stop him.

asked the police officer who was identified as M. Rivera g., Then the motorcyclist lied: “I got in to get some cars out. He didn’t come in, I just got in and out.” The man in uniform asked for his licence, telling him it was suspended and that he did not have the document to back it up.

So the person from SSC asks him: “So what do you want to do? The fine is 2,200 pesos.” So, he quit, the person riding the motorcycle asking him to do the offense, something that didn’t sit well with the element he was reprimanding.

“Do I give you the offense and all, all, all? Do you see how you are?” I tell you we can talk about gentlemen, brother. I will introduce you to Corralón and they give you the contraption, not even Tránsito will receive it for you, do you know who will get it for you?, Banks and industrial police, do you know who these gentlemen are? They are the ones wearing red, those are nothing more and you are already there,” one SSC continued.

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“We can talk about gentlemen, I want to pay attention to you, what do you want to retire?” , He said the man in military uniform, so the citizen offered him money, took out his wallet and had only 220 pesos with him and gave him 200 dollars.

After communicating the “sting,” the policeman was much friendlier: “Don’t get locked up any more, buddy, and check your licence, and don’t let it pass because that’s how they applied it to another company and don’t give it to him anymore.”

In the post, the State Security Court commented, “With regard to this video, the State Security Court has informed that the police officer involved, who appears in the video, has already been identified and has been suspended from his position; the Internal Affairs Directorate is conducting an appropriate investigation.”

According to the CDMX Official Gazette, in the nation’s capital only items belonging to the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Traffic Control, who wear a fluorescent green uniform containing a QR code sent to a location, are allowed to file tickets. Verify that this item is authorized.

On the other hand, in CDMX Traffic Regulations it is mentioned in Article 21: Motorcyclists are prohibited from: Driving through narrow lanes of public passenger transport. In case of non-compliance with the provisions of this clause, the motorcyclist will be penalized with a fine equal to 20, 25 or 30 times the current UoM and six points on the driver’s licence. Therefore, the maximum fine a video driver can receive is $3,112 pesos.

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