A multicultural space German theater preserves the Spanish language through its performances

A multicultural space German theater preserves the Spanish language through its performances

In order to save and encourage an appreciation of the Spanish language, as well as a cultural union with other nations, the “Mehrsprachentheater”, which in Spanish means “multilingual theater” in Cologne, Germany, Generates an initiative to teach Spanish language courses through landscape arts starring for the first time an actress from Mexico.

"Spanish language in the performing arts in Germany" |  distinct.

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“Spanish Language in the Performing Arts in Germany” | distinct.

Spanish language in fine arts

According to actress Renata Muñoz, who is originally from Toluca, The “Mehrsprachen” theater focuses on preserving the Spanish, German and English languages ​​by presenting original and adapted plays by famous writers such as Samuel Beckett or Shakespeare, as well as through courses and workshops.

Muñoz, who has devoted his work to theater for more than six years, traveled to Germany with the aim of creating a space for artistic expression in which to claim the cultural richness of his mother tongue; Likewise, it aims to bring the Latin public closer to inclusion in cultural events, which he described in detail, which are often considered unavailable to foreigners.

“The theater has taken on the task of creating a space for theatrical work in different languages ​​and is currently offering theater projects and courses for amateurs. theater projects and courses for children and youth; Professional productions with translation in German and additional training for teachers of different foreign languages. It is also a space for all those who work or teach other languages. For example, foreign language teachers find the opportunity to keep their language skills alive among native speakers so that they can present themselves authentically and enthusiastically in front of students,” he said.

virtual activities

Although the Mehrsprachentheater is physically located in Germany and has remote activities that can be transmitted through the venue’s official Facebook page, it also ensures that all activities are suitable for adults as well as young adults and children.As it is intended to encourage theatrical styles that enhance knowledge of languages, as well as the formation of small independent theater groups.

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Where can I get more information?

If someone is interested in obtaining information regarding theater activities, you can find their page from Facebook (Theatre – Raum für Mehrsprachentheater Köln and e-mail: [email protected].


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