A new official in the Ministry of Health reveals the great confusion that exists with the Covid vaccine

A new official in the Ministry of Health reveals the great confusion that exists with the Covid vaccine

This story begins with a casual conversation in a hair salon in Buenos Aires. a A new official in the Ministry of HealthThe doctor cuts his hair, and as is often the case in this periodic health ritual, the man talks to the hairdresser.

The client is happy because after a long journey in hospitals, You will hold a position In the wallet that Mario Russo carries. The hairdresser he has known for years congratulates him. The client provides some details about what he will have to do in his country New job. The bad news – although he is not complaining – is that the responsibility placed on his shoulders will leave him without leave.

During the conversation comes up Covid issue, which for one reason or another has become a topic again four years after the beginning of the epidemic. The first reason is that the State of Argentina decided last Sunday, for the first time in detail, to report the adverse effects associated with the vaccines that were applied in the country.

Publicizing the recorded serious unrest was something the previous government had done Delayed Throughout his term, and now reflected in the first epidemiological bulletin of 2024 along with other key contextual data: 89% of 500 deaths due to Covid in 2023 I haven't had the vaccine yet.

The other reason why the virus born in Wuhan is a topic again is this Infections are rising again this summer. According to the data revealed on Saturday, the cases They have tripled In a week after 843 to 2583. But there is no concrete evidence of the escalation – in addition to the clear official statistics – that the hairdresser, between one snippet and another, commented on the new official: “It seems that The bug is spinning Not again?

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Everyone over the age of 50 should receive a dose every six months. Photo: Orlando Pellicciotti

The new formal gestures, reflected in the mirror, are graphically depicted through a description Hospital situation What a colleague told her in recent days: “90 percent of respiratory infections are treated by them.” They are Covid“.

Immediately afterward, he recalls, he had already had Covid twice, but only after vaccinations had allowed him to pass Mild infection. On the other hand, the hairdresser remembers nightmare Who were infected before vaccines existed. The official points out that his brother went through the same experience without a net and that “his lungs were destroyed.”

The official’s brother is also a doctor, and according to the interviewer: “Still having problems Smell and taste are often disturbed, as a result of his “never being rehabilitated.” Which awakens in the barber the timely and humorous response: “In the blacksmith’s house…”

The classic saying will also apply to what follows in the conversation, although the interviewers never realize it. This happens when a new manager recommends a hairdresser How to update the booster vaccine. It should be noted that the age of both heroes is over 50 years.

The virus continues to mutate with new subvariants to maintain its infectivity.  Photo: APThe virus continues to mutate with new subvariants to maintain its infectivity. Photo: AP

Confusion with the vaccine

The story comes from the story of the Great Confusion Which is usually present in general with Covid vaccination Which, apparently, even reaches health professionals who, due to his virtues, have become public servants. So it's very likely that if wisdom is this way at this level of competition, then… Healthy noise It has unexpected repercussions in the rest of society.

Uniform confusion in the hairdresser works to put white over black in relation Vaccination guidelines Existing, and certainly very little published by the state:

-First of all, it doesn't matter anymore How many doses A person was given. It doesn't matter Elapsed time Since the last application. The general rule is not that the official says once a year. Even less if you have a comorbidity.

– So, to move from highest to lowest risk: all More than 50 years (Not 65 years) They must take a Covid shot every six months, whether they have comorbidities or not.

-the Under 50 years old People with comorbidities should also be vaccinated six months after the last dose received and then take annual boosters. The same applies to health and strategic staff.

– The only ones who should be vaccinated directly Once a year They are those who are under 50 years of age and have no comorbidities.

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