A programmer forgets the bitcoin password to gain access to $ 220 million

A programmer forgets the bitcoin password to gain access to $ 220 million

Yahoo is in Hispanic origins

The disturbing find that unveiled the CDMX metro fire video

On December 9, a strong fire broke out at the offices of the Central Control Center (PCC) of the Metro Mass Transit Center (STC), located on Delicias Avenue, Colonia Centro, in the Cuauht√©moc Mayor office in Mexico City. One of the workers who was working at that time was able to control the chaos that it suffered from inside and which proved the obsolescence of its facilities. The clip of the witness who had been working for the STC for 32 years quickly went viral on social networks, being captured from the moment the alarms began to go off until he and his companions climbed onto the roof of the building to be rescued. “Here we are CC1,” the man mentions in the recording and explains how the other employees start walking nervously, without knowing exactly what to do. In the background you can see the panels with which they manage the transmission system operations, which are about 45 years old. “Here we are at CC. This is on fire,” he states. In the photos, a large amount of smoke begins to appear inside offices equipped with phones and antique furniture. Finally the lights went out, and at that point the staff decided to vacate the area and head towards the emergency stairs. Because the fire occurred in the lower floors, employees had to go up to the roof of the building. The Central Control Center was built in 1969 and opened by President Gustavo Diaz Ordaz, according to Millenio newspaper. In 2015, Jorge Gavinho, who was at the time a director of the Saudi Telecom Company, denounced El Universal that the so-called “Brain of the Metro” remained in the 1970s, which was functional, but with outdated technology. In PCC, the operation of 12 STC lines is monitored, 13 optical control panels were used, in the images captured during the last fire some of them can be seen. Of these panels, only five are digital and the rest have been using analog technology for 45 years. In that 2015 interview, Jorge Gavino explained that they needed an urgent update, which in those years required an investment of 6,000 million pesos. Despite the fact that it has been denounced for many years the lack of maintenance and modernization of metro facilities, it is the most efficient transportation system in CDMX, as it mobilizes daily more than 4.6 million people through its 12 lines.

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