Caesar Valdes responded to criticism after his perio against the Eagles

Caesar Valdes responded to criticism after his perio against the Eagles

Who turns out to be a player with an experienced jug of controversy and an outfielder in tight situations on the field, Caesar Valdes He made strong statements about his “perio” reasons Aquilas sipinas In the first game Final From Dominican Winter League.

Waltz This was a trend on all social networks last Monday night The Giants of Chibao In the first game Final From Dominican LeagueAfter finishing his departure and saying goodbye to the pitch session, he was called “Perrio” to pronounce his departure and silence the attack again. Eagles.

Jug in program reports’Major League Baseball Circle‘From the famous spokesman of the Caribbean country Yansen Pujols, With those symptoms made it clear that the reasons he was showing emotion were sent to the opposing team Aquilas sipinas, After he shouted from the trench in the final moments of his work, he said he was a “shit eater”, making it clear that the wins against him would be greater if he continued on the field. Notifications received (he said Waltz) Is also induced by coaches.

Fights or conflicts between players Aquilas sipinas And launcher Caesar Valdes, Not new, because in many of these years Dominican League, Insults encouraged. Waltz Even from the previous campaign Dominican Winter League There was a “Times and Tires” with four Jonathan players Willer Very conciliatory words were said.

Monday night is no exception Caesar Valdes Put it out Luis Liberto Complete your publication, where Jonathan Willer Who was the next hitter, very annoyed at the obscene tone, which occurred in a sense Caesar Valdes Do that signal maneuver, where he pointed out that he was out again Aquilas sipinas In his pocket “.


Can Waltz share a team with Águilas Cibaeñas players?

We all know that Caesar Valdes In the last campaigns Dominican Winter League That league has had good performances in the postseason stage, so far it has dominated in every sense of the word, adding a win-loss record of 10-1, three wins against them Aquilas sipinas In Final.

Then Tigress del Lici His post-season move should be disqualified for the first time since 2014 on the pitcher Waltz Who was selected in the reconstruction draft with The Giants of Chibao, He also thought he could see the status in the teams Eagles If they pick him, the statement with the managers of the yellow team makes it clear that he will be ready to play for any team in the league.

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