They pick up singers from the band El Recodo in Sinaloa, Mexico

They pick up singers from the band El Recodo in Sinaloa, Mexico

Sinaloa, Mexico

Two famous members Panda El Ricudo They were caught by police officers in Mazatlan, Sinaloa.

Ricardo Eucubicio and Giovanni Mondragon were recorded when they got into a police car. However, its followers assert that it is a new music video.

A video of the alleged arrest was broadcast on social media. The Band recognition He did not comment on this issue.

The video shows Eucopecio and Mondragon in disheveled and disheveled clothes. One of the policemen holding him wears a bulletproof vest bearing the “Mazatlan Police” legend.

Fans believe it could be the pictures from the new music video.

Journalist Gilles Barrera has dared to confirm that the photos are part of the new content, starring Ricardo Eucopisio and Giovanni Mondragon and that Panda El Ricudo You will participate in the following hours.

“I can confirm that the photos of the” arrest “of Ricardo and Giovanni from #ElRecodo are part of the group’s music video. For the sake of everyone’s fortune, they are well and not against the law,” he commented this morning on his Twitter account.

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