Abinader opens many businesses in Higgie

Abinader opens many businesses in Higgie

These openings include a special education center, a sports center and a baseball field.

Higue.- President Louis Abi Nader inaugurated on Tuesday in this governorate several businesses, which included a special education center, a sports center, and a baseball field.

The businesses that were opened seek to continue developing this governorate to contribute to the modernity and progress of its citizens.

Special Education Center

The first business the president left to inaugurate is the Domingo Ortiz Vizcaino Special Education Center with capacity for about 200 boys and girls, where psychomotor skills, psychoeducational support and occupational therapy will be taught, and will also house deaf and blind people. Loneliness, among other things.

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Abi Nader described this work as special work, and said that six other projects are also being built in important municipalities. “Our goal is to have at least one special education center in every capital municipality in the country.”

He also expressed that these centers will be improved and adapted to the needs of parents and children, and stressed the importance of supporting parents in this process to achieve the best results for these students.

Meanwhile, Deputy Education Minister Francisco Dolio added that the aforementioned center will have school transportation suitable for the special needs of children and adolescents.

It will provide 22 classrooms for the educational system and also contain a playground, dining room and administrative areas. The investment is $125,260,895.67 RD.

Sports Center

Later, the Head of State inaugurated the Sports Center of the Savica Club, which will allow Higuey youth to develop and practice various sports disciplines.

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The work, established by the Presidential Committee to Support Provincial Development, has invested about OMR 60 million.

Angel de la Cruz, Director of the Presidential Commission for Provincial Development, expressed that through this type of construction, the Governor is improving the quality of life of Dominicans by investing in businesses that transform.

He considered that the head of state listens and adheres to the pledges he makes.

For her part, Governor Martina Pepin stressed that this construction will promote physical activity and provide opportunities for development.

Playing baseball

As a final activity, the President also inaugurated the Villa Cerro Baseball Stadium, whose investment amounted to approximately R$29 million.

This play, like the previous work, was created by the Presidential Commission to Support Regional Development in the Villa Progreso 2 sector of Villa Cerro.

Angel de la Cruz pointed out that the place where the play is located was previously a garbage dump and is surrounded by 26 neighborhoods.

This play has been in demand for more than 27 years, De La Cruz said.

He stressed that President Abi Nader is connected to citizens and instilled in them that public positions are for service.


They were accompanied by President José Ignacio Paleza, Administrative Minister of the Presidency; angel of the cross; Director of the Presidential Committee for Governorate Development; Martina Pepin, Governor; Carlos Bonilla, Minister of Housing and Virgilio Sedano, Senator.

Likewise, Rafael Baron (Colitín), the mayor of the city; Francisco Villegas and Francisco Sulaiman, deputies; Rafael Uribe, President of the Basketball Federation; Kanina Aristi, president of the Liberal Reform Party, as well as club directors and local authorities.

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