Adamari Lopez and the reason for losing more than 15 kilos

Adamari Lopez and the reason for losing more than 15 kilos

the beautiful conductor The Puerto Rican actress Adamari Lopez He released the reason why he lost weight, because throughout his journey he managed to lose more than 15 kilograms and seems beyond recognition.

That’s right, actress Adamari Lopez finally admitted that she managed to lose 15 kilo His operation has been shown on social networks.

The truth is that Adamari López continues to surprise him on social networks because he is incredible physical change And recently he admitted that the reason for the big change was his daughter.

After spending Christmas with her daughter, she admitted what drove her to lose the extra kilos she had, and says she wants to improve her lifestyle for her daughter.

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Anchor and actress Adamari Lopez looks undoubtedly amazing, after she lost 15 kilograms and did it to improve her health, since she recently announced that this gave a new impetus to her life.

Adamari revealed her desire to be healthier and enjoy a better quality of life with her daughter.

Due to the fact that she says that when she wanted to play with her daughter, she was always very married, and even, on many occasions, they did not play for the same reason.

As you may remember, Adamare Lopez was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015, while she was in a relationship with singer Luis Fonsi and after overcoming her tough battle, the host said that she gained weight.

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The driver assured that the best thing for her was to find a way to lose the extra kilos.

However, Amdari says what made him want to lose weight was his daughter and the ability to spend quality time with her.

Adamari began her career at the age of six, alongside Puerto Rican actress Johanna Rosali and Venezuelan singer Jose Luis Rodriguez “El Puma”, on Channel Two’s Telemundo novel production Cristina Bazan.

WAPA-TV later cast her for the role of the daughter of Iris Chacon and Daniel Guerrero, I Know He Was Lying, and at the time she was nine years old and given one of the most important roles in the novel.

Then in 1983 he got a small two-act role in Vivir para ti, after which he decided to devote himself to his studies.

He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Communication from Sagrado Corazon University in Santurci, Puerto Rico.

After coming of age, she returned, and participated in several plays at the Teatro Tapia de Puerto Rico, the main and oldest theater in San Juan, there, she caught the attention of Mexican producers who invited her to travel to their country to audition for the performance. In Mexican novels.

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