After 50 years in Televisa, Raúl Ariza quits “The Hoy” due to a terrible illness; There is no cure for it

After 50 years in Televisa, Raúl Ariza quits “The Hoy” due to a terrible illness;  There is no cure for it

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Mexico City. – after 50 years career in Televisafamous presenter and actor, Raoul Arizah, very soon Give up for the program today, to suffer this terrible disease, which they call incurable.

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On the morning of last Wednesday, December 15, a Dr. Francisco Sainz And he appeared in the morning forums of the San Angel company, noting that he was an expert in respiratory diseases, who reviewed Arizah from behind the scenes.

In this review, it was stated that the presenter members on air He was suffering from swollen vocal cords, which may be due to allergies, weather or infection, and indicated that rest is the best way to get rid of himself and return to his normal voice without disturbance, Arguende TV He claims to have something much worse.

as Dale QueirozThis is so bad, he said, that he would have asked for permission to be absent for at least an entire month, in February 2022, because he wanted to go to United State To be treated with specialists.

}Raoul Ariza, at the request of Televisa Network, Raquel Rocha, Unicable executives and everything related to Televisa’s restricted signal channels, will be absent for at least a month in February next year,” revealed Dale.

According to Dale, a friend Margherita Vega he have Spasmodic dysphonia, which has no cure, but there are ways to make the vocal cords retract and be able to continue talking, however, he prefers to go to the best specialists to continue the rhythm of his life and work.


He is rumored to have spasmodic dysphonia, and this situation is very dangerous, very dangerous, incurable, and this situation makes people eventually lose their voices.”

The famous owner of the YouTube channel gave an example of a case Alex Ibarra, brother Benny Ibarra, because he revealed a year ago that he suffers from spasmodic dysphonia and that to continue his work he had to be injected with cortisone, Botox and even narcotics which he cannot mention, just so he could speak for three or four months.

He even pointed out that many of the company’s producers Emilio Azcarraga They try to help him as much as possible and film his scenes first, so that he doesn’t have to force himself too much and instead of spending four months of recordings, it’s only two.

It is worth noting that so far this information is still common, since the famous actor of soulless He did not speak by these, either to confirm or deny the disease.


Source: Arguende TV YouTube channel

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