“Ugly feeling”: Aqal reveals betrayal in a full party, did Belinda betray him? | video

“Ugly feeling”: Aqal reveals betrayal in a full party, did Belinda betray him?  |  video

bickering between Christian Nodal and Belinda They returned with the last gig of the regional Mexican singer, who admitted it in front of all his fans ‘Ugly feeling’ When the couple Unfaithfula moment that sparked controversy because “nodeli” fans confirmed that it could be a Indirect towards his ex-wife The preacher who is currently She succeeds in Spain by promoting her new series “Welcome to Aden”.

Although neither star has provided details on why their love ended, some of the singers’ statements hinted that things didn’t end well at all, despite the fact that it was just a few days ago. Christian Nodal said I wish Belinda the bestnow post a new comment that re-awakened Infidelity rumors of the actress; It should be remembered that last February it turned out that the translator of “Adiós Amor” was not faithful to the famous translator with his ex-girlfriend, Maria Fernanda Guzman.

Last February, Nodal announced the end of his relationship with Belinda. (Photo: file)

This is how Aqal spoke about infidelity in front of more than 30,000 people

The 23-year-old made an appearance this weekend in Tijuana, Baja California, where he hasn’t given many details about his private life or his recent separation, but has spoken candidly with his fans about the infidelity. “Which one of you hasn’t been loyal to him in your life?”the singer questioned the audience, which quickly provoked outcries from the audience to which Nodal replied simply with “It’s an ugly feeling, it’s an ugly feeling.”

Of course, the most surprising thing was that Christian Nodal He began his talk with “At some point in my life…” which was interrupted by the question and the reason why fans speculated that it might be about recent events with the “Love at First Sight” translator.

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However, the Peelvanians still do not forgive the native of Sonora, Because the first speculations and so far unconfirmed facts indicate that The singer was the one who was unfaithful to BillyWell, a few days before it was confirmed that the love between him and the actress had ended, he was caught up with his last ex-girlfriend.

“The same he did with his ex-wife with Belinda. He was not loyal to him and did not care, ‘He feels ugly,'” he reads on social networks.

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