The launch of the “Diario y Radio U Chile” Audiovisual Festival of Satellite Dramatic

The launch of the “Diario y Radio U Chile” Audiovisual Festival of Satellite Dramatic

On April 9, 10 and 11, the Festival of Audiovisual Space Drama (FADE) will be broadcast for the first time through Zoom. The event will broadcast 20 short films by creators from Mexico, Argentina, Colombia and Chile, who met in a 22-session workshop moderated by playwright and National Award for Performing Arts Ramon Grivero.

Monday, April 5, 2021 19:01 hr.

In this period of the pandemic, art and culture were a space for communication, dealing with social unity and reinterpreting the new spirit of time that invades us. With this in mind, playwright Ramon Grivero made an international call for the first edition of the Festival of Dramaturgia del Espacio Audiovisual (FADE), which aims to preserve theatrical presence – despite the fact that the theatrical event cannot be replaced – and to provide the tools for audiovisual and cinematic narration That would give continuity to teaching landscape through virtual media.

Space play is a theory developed from Griffero’s theatrical practice, translated in his book of the same name, which aims to develop creative gestures that proceed from the rectangular shape, as a geometric figure is the basis of the theatrical narrative. Dancing and Photography.

For the Chilean playwright, “It is through artistic languages ​​that we express our inner feelings and thoughts, communicate with them, and create human bonds.”. In this way, this workshop sought, in the midst of the epidemic, to “transfer the graphic techniques of space theater to be applied to the audiovisual, in order to intertwine the disciplines between the pictorial symbols of the cinematic narratives, in order to unify knowledge.”


During this confinement period, Ramón Griffero created various spaces for creativity and encounters across the digital world with different artists from Chile and Latin America, such as the “Bitácoras de una Navegación” project implemented during 2020.

The workshop that gave way to FADE was held during 22 sessions that started in January 2021 by two groups coordinated by national actors Dolores Reina and Pablo M. Videla and attended by artists from Mexico, Argentina, Colombia and Chile. The results of this creative experiment will be broadcast on April 9, 10 and 11 at 8:00 pm by sending a zoom (ID: 883 2553 3178) and via Ramón Griffero’s social networks.

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