Aguada reached the Uruguayan Basketball League Final – Holiday – 02/16/2021

Aguada reached the Uruguayan Basketball League Final – Holiday – 02/16/2021

water He clearly won National 92-74 and qualified for a new final Uruguayan Basketball League: From Friday measured opposite TruffleThat left him on the way to the University of Urundi.

The first quarter ended 24-24. Aguada started the match better, after five minutes of extreme brilliance, knowing that he had to improve his defense, especially in the first quarter, taking into account what happened in the previous matches.

Rojiverdes’s team made slight variations on the scoreboard, but Nacional had an inspiration Mitchell, Which finished the first 10 minutes with nine units. Albus improved and closed very good lad.

In the second quarter water He made a huge difference and won 50-29 with a massive 26-5 run thanks to the excellent defensive work and focus the team played and Roberts’ performance (11 points, 2 wears), which was a major icon.

Hatila Bassus was not involved in the match, Nacional missed the proceedings, became nervous, and even Cabezas could be fired (they accused him of an unsportsmanlike foul) for committing a clearly intentional foul. Leandro Garcia Morales.

In the third quarter, Nacional sought another header, but despite seeking a backlash, it failed. He barely shortened the distance by three points as the score was 63-45. Mitchell, with 18 units, was the one who supported the tricolor, while Roberts, with 17, became unstoppable to competitors.

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Nothing has changed in the last quarter, Aguada had already taken the lead and dedicated himself to managing it. On the other hand, Nacional knew the game had already left him. Aguada won with a phenomenal number RobertsWho finished the match with 28 points, nine rebounds and 100% effectiveness in doubles.

This will be the fourth consecutive final match water Although he will face a tough opponent like Truffle.

To see the game stats you can enter it Is the link.

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