Collaboration – Tribulation ?: More Science

Collaboration – Tribulation ?: More Science

Israeli writer Yuval N. said. Harari: “In recent years, irresponsible politicians have intentionally undermined confidence in science and international cooperation.”
He did not cite them by their names, but it is not difficult to recognize them, and to add that these do not lead us to discussions between faith and reason, and do not argue with questioning the faith, simply no.

Thus, after the epidemic has hit and the bleak global economy is tracked, where changes are determined at all levels of productive activities and cause the “strongest reaction” in all countries to think economically and financially more than they think about the health of the population.

They fear bankruptcy, economic collapse, and even the same behavior they assume with climate change: they deny it! Because the agreements are subject to restrictions on the level of pollution and / or the concentration of damage to the environment. Of course, even in times of distress, indecision arises in faith: In Seoul, Korea, a parishioner said: “I am very sad because the place of prayer and rest has become a place of fear.”

All denominations (Abrahamic, Buddhist, philosophical Hinduism, etc.) ceased their actions for fear of contagion. There is no doubt that faith is weak and I believe that when the black plague struck the world at that time and most Christian Europe, there was a return to science despite the many miraculous potions and prayers of those medieval times full of fear • punishment from God.

But “God does not punish, but rather.” Therefore induced punishment does not exist, and what God has given to man, as we are well aware, is the pursuit of the basic goal of “knowing knowledge,” the material concept of reality that arises in men of knowledge. It is for this reason that Nicolaus Copernicus, Kepler, Galileo, Giordano Bruno, Descartes, Leibniz, Torricelli, Pascal, Boyle, Hooke, among others, appeared among others, 19 December 2020 Isaac Newton finally appeared.

But also the great social, political and economic upheavals left by the wars (the Thirty Years ‘War (Westphalia); the Hundred Years’ War; the First and Second World Wars) are followed by many scientific results: getting the vaccine at the right time The summary is a good example. The twentieth century was an explosion of scientific progress.

Really, what motivates the major economies in their skepticism ?: Maintaining or losing geopolitical and trade dominance.

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