Aguada was struck by Trouville and Uncertainty by García Morales

Aguada was struck by Trouville and Uncertainty by García Morales

Aguada beat Trouville 91-72 on Friday night at the Intel Arena in the Uruguayan Basketball League finals, which decided their best five matches.

The first final match started with a devastating start from Agwada who in the first ten minutes of basketball partially scored 38-10 and ruled victory quickly.

Rogerides played a perfect first quarter in all aspects of the game, defending and turning the field and achieving 100% effectiveness on the first 11 points, while Truffel repeated mistakes and was unable to balance his game. He was a luxurious spectator in the League Finals.

Roberts, Thornton, Davis and Garcia Morales were 11-0 at 2’30 “.

Izaguirre then joined with a hat-trick and the match was played in one direction from the devastating performance of those led by Capelli.

The only moment the party entered a long silence for Aguada was when, eight minutes into the second quarter, Garcia Morales fell to the ground and pulled his left knee, accusing him of pain that he was not allowed to stand. The player left the field walking with difficulty. He did not return to the stadium until the end of the match.

The first half ended in Aguada 60-28.

Best first half of the season

Aguada’s production was so perfect in those 20 minutes of basketball in the first final that no other similar start has been remembered this season.

The Rogerides’ record-breaking production shone in the 2019-2020 league took place on October 18, 2019, when on day three they converted 56 points to Athens. That night they signed 110-86 wins.

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On February 27, 2020, he turned to 55th Capitol in 20 minutes and finally defeated him 99-69.

In January 2020, in the first game of the season against Trouville, he converted 52 first-half points to the Reds. That night Aguada won 108-107.

The top five of Aguada’s best performances in the early days of Aguada in the current league have been completed by the final semi-final, against Nacional at the Intel Arena, at the start of another destroyer, as he surpassed his opponent and converted 50 points. That night he won 50-29 in the first 20 minutes and 92-74 at the end of the match.

Without Leandro, without Pereira and hoping to reach 40 minutes

With the advantage he had achieved in the first minutes, Aguada no longer had problems managing the game as he would like, even with hampered play without García Morales (who retired from the injury in the second half) and Pereiras. He did not enter the latter because he was not in his best physical condition. He was seen training on a physical bike to remain active in case he needed to get in. In the second half, Pereeras got off the bike next to the alternate bench and sat with his teammates to watch his team win as the privileged spectators of the first row.

The third quarter ended with an Agwada 76-49 victory.

The match ended in victory for Agwada 91-72.

The big concern left by the first final is Garcia Morales’ health condition, an essential part of the current champion’s performance, who put the series 1-0 up and was two wins away from a tournament that had twice won the league.

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On Mondays at 22 o’clock they will play the second final, on Wednesday at 9:15 p.m. The third, fourth and fifth are scheduled for Friday and Monday 1 March respectively.

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