Marvel’s WandaVision Episode 7: MCU’s Easter Eggs Reference Guide

But if that book had been Darkhold, this extremely powerful book would have been written by Chthon, a great satanic / supreme deity who has featured prominently in many Wanda and Agatha Harkness stories over the years. It is said that this book is what created the first vampire (hmmmm … MCU it has code Movie in the works), werewolves (definitely it’s only a matter of time before Werewolf by Night … appears next Moon knight , Maybe), and more. If the MCU were going supernatural for some of its future installments, Darkhold would be a key part of that.

But then again, this looks completely different to Darkhold we’ve seen in these other shows.

Reed Richards … did you come or what?

There is still no sign of Mysterious “flight engineer”, But is the sarcasm / sitcom this episode shares the desk Harassment of John Krasinski’s arrival in the name of Reed Richards?

Monica Rambo

  • The uniform that Monica wears under her space suit looks a lot like some of the outfits she wore on various superhero identities in the comics, including when she was Captain Marvel. It’s convenient because this episode is another big step The story of its miraculous originAnd now there is no doubt that it is gaining strength from its frequent trips through the Hex.
  • It’s almost certain that Monica’s new powers are allowing her to pass through the Hicks this time around, and when she comes out she can see energy patterns and signatures.
  • Monica sticks to the brand “Superhero Landing” when she encounters Wanda. As Deadpool will see, it’s really hard to get on your knees. Completely impractical, but they all do.
  • When Agnes pulls Wanda to her home, Wanda points to Monica and the whole thing is framed like “Two ladies shouting at the white cat.” Impossible not to see it. Fun fact: the real name of the white cat is Smudge.
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Monica’s journey through The Hex pays homage to the special effects technique used by Robert Zemeckis in the 1997 wormhole sequence. Contact. During the scene in question, copies of Jodie Foster’s face appear to be a ghost from her body, expressing her inner thoughts and memories. By the time Monica steps out of the Hexagon, she is “fine” as a super-being.

ContactThe central character, Ellie Arway, is a woman who has completely lost her family but suppresses her grief and feels lonely in the universe. I can’t see prof WandaVision Contact here, no, sir!

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