Alberto Fernandez spoke on Twitter after the wave of resignations

Alberto Fernandez spoke on Twitter after the wave of resignations

(CNN Español) – Argentina’s president, Alberto Fernandez, spoke Thursday after a wave of resignations in his government. in a series of TweetsHe pointed out that “this is not the time to stir up disagreements.”

The ruling coalition must listen to the message of the ballot box and act responsibly. “We must, and we will, to ensure that the needs of our people are met,” the president said.

“We have to give answers out of respect for the commitment made in December 2019, vis-à-vis society. This is not the time to stir up disagreements that distract us from this path,” he said.

This Wednesday, many officials Make their resignations available De Fernandez, three days after the primaries in Argentina, which means the defeat of the ruling party.

Several meetings were held on Wednesday evening and Thursday morning at the government headquarters, while the steps to be followed are being evaluated.

Around noon Argentine time, Fernandez posted a series of tweets about what is happening in the country.

Basso, historic defeat for Fernandez, according to the chancellor 0:37

“I appreciate the support of governors, mayors, labor movement leaders and citizens at this time,” he said. “I appreciate the gesture of social organizations and everyone who has expressed sympathy with encouraging mobilization to support me.”

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“However, I would prefer that all that power involved in a mobilization of this magnitude be directed to building a hard-line saga helping Argentine men and women solve the dilemma posed to us in November,” he added. Parades in support of Fernandez were eventually cancelled.

“I have listened to my people. Arrogance and arrogance do not interfere in me, and the administration of the government will continue to develop as I see fit, so I was elected on the Twitter account.

He concluded: “As long as I do so, I will continue to ensure the unity of the Todos Front on the basis of the respect we owe to one another. It is high time that our only obsession is to enhance the prosperity of the men and women of our country.”

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