There are movies you have to choose from this weekend

There are movies you have to choose from this weekend

Many top movies and series are being screened this week and are likely to get several Oscar nominations next year.

“Copshop”, Gerard Butler’s new, tops the list of premieres on the big screen. “Cry Macho”, A new Western by director and actor Clint Eastwood, hits theaters and airs simultaneously on the streaming site HBO Max. Plus there is the thriller “Night House”, Played by Rebecca Hall.

Second, Biographical film “Tommy Faye’s Eyes” Jessica Chastain’s powerful acting is hitting theaters today, which is sure to win her a second Oscar in the Best Actress category.

The first scene of the classic remake of the 80s is on streaming sites this week, “He-Man and the Leaders of the Universe”, Netflix and Movies “Everyone is talking about Jamie” And “The Mad Women’s Ball”By Amazon Prime Video.


While fleeing from a murderer, a cunning Khan man plots to hide in a small town police station. When the killer arrives at the station, a new police officer who does not know what is going on – gets caught up in his case.

Type: Action

Elenko: Gerard Butler, Frank Grillo, Toby Huss

First screening: In theaters today

Crying macho

A man who was a rodeo star takes a young man away from his mother and takes him to his father. In his journey, the former star finds redemption by trying to teach the boy how to be a good man.

Género: Western, drama

Cast: Clint Eastwood, Dwight Yoga, Fernando Urrezola

Premiere: In theaters today and on HBO Max tomorrow

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Night House

Beth, Owen’s widow, decides to visit the lake house where Owen lost his life. Beth begins to discover the dark secrets of the person who has been with her for many years of her life.

Type: Horror / Thriller

Elenco: Rebecca Hall, Sarah Goldberg, Wondi Curtis-Hall

First screening: In theaters today

Tommy Foy’s eyes

Michael Shoulder’s latest follows Tommy Faye and her husband Jim Baker, played by Gemsica Chastain, as they create an empire in the world of television in the guise of Christianity. Based on the 2000 documentary of the same name.

Category: Drama

Elenco: Jessica Chastine, Andrew Carlfield, Vincent de Onofrio

First scene: In fine arts today

He-man and the leaders of the universe

Prince Adam Grazkull of Eternia discovers his power and becomes the he-man of the legendary Master of the Universe from the 80s. It’s a remake of the popular 80’s series.

Category: Adventure

Elenco: Kimberly Brooks, Anthony del Rio, Trevor Devall

Premiere: Netflix today

Everyone is talking about Jamie

Max Hardwood plays in this musical adaptation (of the same name), which follows the story of a young man in Sheffield, England, who wants to be the “Queen of Pulls”.

Category: Biography / Drama

Elenco: Max Hardwood, Sarah Lancashire, Lauren Patel

Premiere: Tomorrow on Amazon Prime Video

The Mad Women’s Ball

Genevieve is a woman who is unfairly admitted to a mental facility and develops a plan to escape with the help of a nurse. Based on Victoria Mass’ novel “Le Paul des Foles”.

Type: Thriller

Elenko: Melanie Laurent, Caesar Dombay, Lou de Loge

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Premiere: Tomorrow on Amazon Prime Video

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