Aldo Alvarez has been appointed Ambassador of El Salvador to China

Aldo Alvarez has been appointed Ambassador of El Salvador to China

Alvarez served as Communications Secretary for the Democratic Change Party (CD). He is also a political analyst.

Aldo Alvarez, the current communications secretary for the Democratic Change Party (CD), confirmed to El Diario de Hoy that he had been appointed as the ambassador of El Salvador to the People’s Republic of China. “Yes, it is confirmed” was part of a message Alvarez sent via WhatsApp when he was asked about the information that had been circulating on social networks for a few days; However, minutes after confirming his appointment, he deleted the message in question.

He was asked when he would begin his duties at the Chinese embassy, ​​but he did not reply again, but in an interview with YSKL Radio on Saturday with Alvarez, he confirmed that he would leave for China on July 22. “It’s scheduled for July 22, more or less in two and a half weeks, first of all, if all goes well, we will leave, the challenges are very big, but the opportunities are endless in China,” Alvarez said.

As he said, it bears indications from the government that it seeks to strengthen the trade aspect, economy, culture, politics and find new export outlets for Salvadorian products, but also the investments of Chinese businessmen in El Salvador, not even 0.01% of the potential has been exploited.”

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Alvarez will remain a member of the CD party’s governing body, and what they will do is replace him as Minister of Communications. “They already know them, I already told them, because they know nothing, and of course they are happy,” he said.

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According to the political analyst, the position assumes great responsibility and “with great humility.” His words are that by starting that diplomatic career, he is also performing a public service with the difference that it is abroad. “The effect will be for the people, in all the good that is achieved will be for all Salvadorans,” he said, but also acknowledged that in the context in which he is appointed, it is a challenge.

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President Najib Bukele has shown a closer relationship with the Chinese government in recent days and is moving away from his ties with El Salvador’s main partner, the United States. In fact, among the first actions taken by the association is the ratification of an agreement with that of the Asian government giving it broad powers to interfere in infrastructure work that will be carried out 100% by the Chinese government.

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