Match Summary Czech Republic vs Denmark (1-2). Goals

Match Summary Czech Republic vs Denmark (1-2).  Goals

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Without problems, Denmark beat the Czech Republic 2-1 To settle Semi-final From Euro 2020. Caspar Tolberg and Thomas Delaney were responsible for adding to the success With their notes, it showed personal quality And with the team led by Caspar Hullmond.

Five minutes on the clock with the first Telani a real goal, Winner of the aerial game and with A solid title against the petty intent of competitors to do something.

Tried to find Czech places to reach the cards, but Caspar Schmeichel controlled the circumstances presented to him Without haste or complications.

Denmark’s second goal extended the lead with the honor Dolberg, Who is next Joachim Muhle They showed an extraordinary play that ended with the goal. Mohle, who shone with the cross from the right, put the three-finger ball in the area and was the perfect moment for Tolberg’s shot.

In the second half, Denmark went to revolutions And the Czech team reduced the distances Goal by Patrick Schick, However, They could not take advantage of the situation Denmark offered them By slowing down your game.

Without further ado, Denmark sealed the victory To stand Semi-final The match that started in low light for Dance with U.Loss to Finland In it he had the most wonderful experience of getting his captain out Christian Eriksson lost consciousness in the 43rd minute, He was taken to hospital, where it was announced a few days later Cardiac arrest occurred.

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Thus, Denmark’s path does not seem entirely positive, however Lifted Russia 4-1 Then Eliminate Wales in the 16th round and now the Czech Republic in the quarterfinals.

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