Alex Rodriguez raises controversy with his latest networking picture: A message to JLo?

Alex Rodriguez raises controversy with his latest networking picture: A message to JLo?

They looked like an indestructible couple. Their engagement and wedding plans foreshadowed this Jennifer Lopez He found his shoes fit in them Alex RodriguezEmotionally. But the fairy tale shown did not have a happy ending.

Now there is speculation about the possibility of the artist being reunited with Ben Affleck And sadness over the disintegration of the former Yankees player.

The new image of the athlete in the networks produced all kinds of opinions due to the very strange details. Alex participated in a very special dinner with the two women in his life, his daughters, Natasha s Ha.

Those three empty chairs next to her, with plates, glasses, and cutlery are, for some, a very direct nod to JLo.

Is it a way to tell him that he misses them? Everything is more of assumptions and fantasies than anything else, but the image also attracts attention.

Unlike those days with the family with 6 enjoying the table, this shot, despite smiles, indicates nostalgia for the past.

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Next to the spontaneous Instagram post, he wrote, “I have dinner with my girls.” His princesses are an essential support in these not-so-easy moments.

Regrettably, some followers wrote, “They look sad,” “In a second it’s all gone,” “There are 3 places left! JLo and the kids make a nice family.”

Alex Rodriguez / Instagram Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez with their children

The couple had them adapt and Your team was happy. Memories will forever remain in your heart.

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