Alex Salmond: The leadership of Scotland has failed, former First Minister says of the Holyrood investigation | Politics News

Alex Salmond: The leadership of Scotland has failed, former First Minister says of the Holyrood investigation |  Politics News

Alex Salmond told the Holyrood investigation into the illegal investigation by the Scottish government into the allegations of sexual harassment against him that the leadership of Scotland had “failed”.

The former Prime Minister said Nicola Sturgeon The administration had “acted unlawfully” in its handling of the allegations, “but somehow no one is to blame.”

Mr. Salmond “This investigation is not about me,” he told the Scottish Parliament Committee, but about “unacceptable behavior” in dealing with complaints against him.

Latest updates as a former Prime Minister provides evidence

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‘The leadership of Scotland has failed’

He also claimed that, in its investigation, the commission was “systematically deprived of the evidence it legitimately sought” and required to carry out its work “with hands tied behind her back and blindfolded.”

Mr. Salmond testifies about the failed government investigation, which turned out to be “tainted with apparent bias” after it emerged that the investigating officer had had prior contact with two of the women who had lodged complaints.

He told MSPs, “I have no incentive or merit in revisiting the hurt and trauma of the past three years. For two years and six months, this was a nightmare.

“I have every desire to move forward, turn the page, and resist speaking again about a chain of events that have been among the most wounds a person can face.

“But the reason I’m here today is that we cannot turn this page, nor move forward, until the decision-making process that undermines the Scottish system of government is addressed.”

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He said that the leadership’s failures surrounding the investigation into his conduct were “many and evident”.

“The government acted illegally, but somehow no one is to blame,” he added.

“Scotland has not failed, its leadership has failed.

“The importance of this investigation is for each of us to help rectify this.”

“I note that the Prime Minister confirms that I have to prove a case, I don’t. It has already been done. There were two cases in court, two judges, and a jury,” said Mr. Salmond.

“In this investigation, it is the Scottish government, the government that has already recognized the illegal behavior, that is subject to examination.”

He said that “some consequences” should result from “illegal behavior”.

“I think that the leadership of these institutions has serious questions to answer,” he told the investigation committee.

“When you get to the point where the government is acting illegally – I mean, that’s not something that happens often.

“I am registered on the political level, when governments acted illegally, on the matter, something huge and horrible happened. It’s not a simple matter.

“Some of the consequences must be caused by the illegal behavior.”

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“String of Nonsense”: sturgeon in a hot exchange

Salmond, who was acquitted of 13 counts of sexual assault in a criminal trial, was awarded compensation of £ 512,250 after successfully challenging the legality of a government investigation into harassment claims against him.

Sturgeon previously insisted there was “no evidence” of a plot against Mr. Salmond and denied lying to Parliament.

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The current Prime Minister will appear before the committee to testify next Wednesday.

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